Emma, growing up

It seems like Emma is growing up so fast. She is mostly potty trained (during the day), she still does wear a pull up at night. It is nice to have about a 2 month break of changing diapers. I am sad to say though that her naps are basically over. She was staying up until like 10 or 11 at night, and so I tried keeping her up during the day and she went to bed at 8pm and slept until like 8 am. So I have been keeping her up during the day so that I can have my nights back.
Whenever you walk out of the room Emma will say "Mama, Watcha doin'?, it is hilarious, and if you ask her what she is going, she will usually say "hanging out with Mama". The other day she wanted to pose for some pictures, so I posted them on here.
Emma and the rest of the family is getting ready for "baby Marcus" to come. 6 weeks and counting.


Dad in Town

My dad and Misty came into town this 2 weeks ago to help us with our wood floors. He did an amazing job. We are so excited for our new floors. They look amazing. While they were in town we went and hung out with my dads family. My uncles girlfriend, BJ took some pictures of Emma which I have posted with this Post. Hope you enjoy.