Emma's Baby Pic

This is a pic of Emma when she was 6 weeks.

This is Marcus at the hospital.

A couple of you were interested to see if Marcus looks like Emma did when she was a baby...here are the pics....

I think he is starting to look more like she did as his features are becoming more defined.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone. We just got home from the big sugar fest. We decided to take Emma Trick or Treating to a couple of friends house before dinner (bad Idea). Then we went to get Pizza for dinner and then went to our Wards Trunk or Treat. She got so much candy. I only let her have 5 pieces and then we put the candy away for the night. Hopefully I can keep her from devouring all of her candy before the end of tomorrow. Here are some pictures of her princess escapade.


Halloween Party #2

Eric, Marcus and I went to my friend Becky's Halloween Party on tonight. We had a lot of fun. Can you guess Eric and I's Costume. I will give you a hint... It is a TV couple. Well, we were Peg and Al Bundy from Married with Children. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the good food, good company and fun conversations. Here are some pictures from the party.

Halloween Party

Here are some pictures from Al and Ashleighs Halloween Party in Oct. It was a blast. The kids had a lot of fun too.

Mom Visits to help with Baby

Here are some pictures of when my mom came to visit to help with the new baby. I started to go into a panic the first day that Eric went back to work after we had baby number two. I didnt know how I was going to shower, or get any cleaning done.
Luckily my mom came out for a week to help me handle the load. We also had a lot of fun. All is well and we are handling the new family.

Props to all the Mama's

Well, It feels like just yesterday that I was in the hospital. Marcus is already growing up. His features are starting to form and we are starting to see more and more of his personality. He is a delight to have in our home and we are enjoying every minute.
We had a scare this week, but all is well now. On Wednesday I had been having headaches for 3 days (which I never get) and they started to shoot down my neck and my neck got very stiff. Anyways, Wednesday night we went into the Insta Care and and when the checked me out they sent me right to the Emergency room. When we got there they did a spinal tap to make sure that I didnt have Meningitis. Needless to say I didnt and they sent me home (still in pain). The next day my father-in-law called and told me to call my OB Doctor so I did and they decided that I had Mastitis. I have to say it is the most painful sickness that I have ever had. I am now on day 2 of the Antibiotics and they seem to bee helping a lot, but I think I still have a ways to go until recovery. Lynn and Jodie have taken Emma for the weekend so that I could relax and get feeling better. Props to all of you who have had Mastitis before....it is miserable and you are all so strong.


Welcome Baby Marcus

Sunday September 30th, 2007 we welcomed our first baby boy to this world. He was born at 6:20 am, Weighed 8.0 lbs and was 20 in. His name is Marcus Lloyd McAllister. I was very happy when I only pushed for 10minutes compared to the hour and 45 min. that I pushed with Emma. It was a wonderful experience. Everyone in our home is adjusting to the changing family. Eric has been wonderful in taking on more duties. Today he took Marcus to the doctor by himself to make sure he was still gaining weight (we had an issue with his eating during the frist couple of days). Emma is trying to figure out why Marcus is here and moms tummy still looks like it has a baby in it. Yesterday she had a stomach ache and held her stomach and said, "Owe daddy, my baby Marcus hurts my tummy". It was really cute. She also calls him Mickey Marcus sometimes. Mom is trying to get use to Disciplining one child while breatfeeding the other and not making either overly upset.
I included some pictures from the hospital. Hopefully sometime tonight or tomorrow I am going to try and take some more pictures of him at home with Emma and his dad.
All is well in our growing McAllister Home. (Thank You to all of you for your help this week)