Been missed

I have missed my kids and husband a lot while being in Oklahoma City. I am on my way home this morning and cant wait to see them.

Love, Tamber



He is peaceful when he is sleeping. I can't get enough of this kid.

Love, Tamber


Another Fashion Show.

I think the picture says it all..My kids have fun together.

Love, Tamber



These pictures came up in the opposite order, but I thought I would share with you a mess that Marcus made recently. I got in the shower the other day and this is what I came out too. Apparently he wanted to make chocolate milk for himself and Emma. Luckily he hadn't gotten the chocolate powder out yet.

Hope you get a good laugh... I am now.

Yup...I made him clean it up.

This gallon WAS half full. Notice the two spoons ready to mix...I got there just in time.

The mess on the ground. The annoying part was that I had just hand scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees the night before.

Love, Tamber


After a couple of months of self control due to trying to loose weight, I have had many hours to think of some foods that I am missing out on. Even though I am grateful for the things that I have achieved and hope to duplicate those results over the next couple of months, there are somethings that I miss daily. Probably one food that I have greatly missed is waffles. Look at how amazing these waffles look.

I think I am drooling now. I better go get on the treadmill before I indulge.

Love, Tamber

how the time goes by....

I just realized that this is post number


how exciting. I guess time flies when you are having fun.

I love blogging. I know sometimes I am quite boring, but for me this is
a good outlet and a way for me to be creative.

I guess it helps that I am continually blogging about people that I love..

My family.

Love, Tamber


A big commitment

Most of you who know me well, know that when I commit to do something, I will follow through and do it. So, one day this past month I was feeling very ambitious and needed something to help push me to my next weight loss goal. I signed up for my first half marathon.

Wait...what did I do?

That is exactly what I kept thinking right after I officially did it.

I am not really a runner, but I always love to find a new way to push my body farther that I even think possible.

So, on June 12th I will be running my first half. The map above is the race route. I am starting to get really excited. I even added a countdown on the right hand side of my blog so that I can keep it real and remember what I did to myself.

Until my next update,
Cheers to running


Make shift photo frame

I wanted to give Eric some pictures of the kids for Valentiens day this year, but I didnt want to spend the money to buy some frames, so I took some of the things that I had laying around the house and made my own. I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

This is what it looked like before I put the pictures on. Next time I make one of these I will make the matting behind the pictures a little bigger.

How I did it:

1.) Found a scrap piece of wood, sanded it down and then used black glaze to make it look like old barn wood. You could spray paint it first and then use the glaze, and that would look really sharp too.
2.) Then I cut the mats to the size that I wanted. I used modge podge to put the mats onto the wood.
3.) Take however many pics you have and paint a clothes pin for each picture. ( I took my clothes pins apart, painted them and then put them back together.)
4.) Use whatever embellishments (ribbon, vinyl, etc) to make it look pretty. I just used my hot glue gun to put both the ribbons and the clothes pins onto the wood.

Simple. Easy. Very adaptable.

Love, Tamber


Happy Valentines Day!

The kids and I had fun making Eric a Valentine this year. Here are some pictures.
Oh how we love our dad!

I love this last picture. It shows some of their personality, and it is just fun.

Happy Valentines Day to you All!

Love, Tamber

A prayer....

This is our friends precious son Henry. He was born on Tuesday with complications from the umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck during delivery. I am glad that our friends got to meet their little angel. He passed away last night after the MRI discovered that his earthly body suffered more than they had expected.

Our prayers are with our friends. I hope that they can have the peace of the gospel with them at this time. I know that they are both such amazing people and will have the Lord by their side.

I can't imagine what they are going through, but I can imagine that the gospel that we have puts everything into perspective. I am so thankful for eternal families.

We Love you Rob and Erin!

Love, Tamber


Laundry Room Makeover

Most of you know that I am an organization freak. And as of late, I have been working hard to get the house in "model" condition in order to sale.

One place that needed a little...


A lot of organizing is our laundry room. Since we don't have a pantry and our laundry room is right off of the kitchen, I use it as my food storage area.

Here is the before ....


After about an hour of work, one new shelf, 3 new baskets and rearranging, here is the AFTER....

If we were staying here a little longer, I might have gone over to Habitat for Humanity (one of my favorite stores) to get a calm color for the walls.

Maybe that would get me a little more motivated to get the laundry done since it is usually the LAST thing on my list to get done.

Until my next project or tale from our home, see you soon!


Do you ever....

have that feeling when you are having a good day, the feeling where you are forgetting to tell everyone around you the good news, and then you realize how insignificant that news would really be to everyone else?

You are so excited about that one little thing in your life
that it changes your whole aura.

I had that feeling all day.

What a good day.

Can't say much more than that and Yay for a big step in my weight loss goals.

Love, Tamber

Play Date

Emma loves to have playdates with her friends. On Friday she had her friend from Primary over and they ate Grilled Cheese sandwiches with raspberries. Emma loves to feed her friends lunch. Thank goodness for good friends. We are all in need of them.
Love, Tamber


Winter Palooza

On Saturday, Eric was out of town. I decided to do something fun with the kids. I feel like we have been so busy painting, fixing and cleaning to get our condo ready to sale that we havent done as much fun stuff with the kids. They really enjoyed the jump houses and kids games that they had to play on.

Marcus going down the slide.

Emma talking to poo. (he was kind of creepy looking with that small head)

Emma's heart hair expirament the other day.

Emma after getting her face painted with the lady that did it.

Emma with sleeping beauty.

Emma's face painting and hair do up close. She loves getting her hair cut at cookie cutters cause they always do it really cute and spray glitter in it.

Emma and Marcus getting ready to watch the Hannah Montana impersonator.
It was a good break in the middle of a not so fun Winter. But we did miss our daddy.

Love, Tamber



The other night I asked Marcus to go get his jammies on for bed. I thought he was taking a while, and this is where he was. He was climbing up there to go see the poster (to the left) that has all the BYU basketball players on it.

Love, Tamber