Fashion Guru.

Emma is our fashion guru. Lately we have enjoyed many fashion shows produced by our little girl. Marcus loves to join in on the fun. Here are some pictures of the most recent show. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Love, Tamber


Snow Fun.

While I am in Sunny San Diego with the swim team, I will leave you with some photos of the kids playing out side in the snow last week with our neighbor kids. They had a blast.

Marcus and our neighbor girl sledding down our little hill outside. (before making fun of my sons pink snow pants...I have learned my lease of buying snow clothes in gender specific colors...please forgive me Marcus.)

Marcus eating the wipped cream off of his hot chocolate at the end.

Love, Tamber


Christmas Caroling

Last Monday we went to a Christmas caroling concert with My sister. It was a blast. The kids really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures.

Love, Tamber


Christmas 2009

Here are some pictures from the last two days of Christmas Festivities...we have had a wonderful Christmas season and Today topped it all of.

Marcus in his unders and boots wanting to go outside on Christmas Eve morning.

Making Santa Cookies on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve at Grandma Sharron's...enjoying the family.

The kids opening presents on Christmas Eve at my grandparents'.

Emma as Mary, holding Baby Jesus while we read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve.

The kids walking out on Christmas Morning seeing what Santa brought.

Emma checking out her sing a long Microphone.

Me trying to figure out the Leapster (by the way, it was defective and we have to get a new one now..thank goodness for warranties.)

Marcus playing with his dinos.

Marcus opening Buzz
Love, Tamber


Christmas Letter 2009

***The following is our Christmas Letter for 2009. I hope that you enjoy, I dont know how many of them I will get out in the mail this year.***

Dear Family and Friends-

Merry Christmas from the McAllister Family! One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to snuggle up and enjoy a nice evening in. Hopefully you will recognize some of these shows seen on TV that describe the events of our past year so well.

Survivor – It has been a long, yet rewarding journey the past 6 years as Eric has worked relentlessly on his school work while working full time. In April Eric Graduated as a survivor of the Construction Management Program at Utah Valley University. He is now enjoying a job working at ARUP Laboratories in Salt Lake.

The Amazing Race-Tamber never thought that she would ever compete in an actual race again after her collegiate swimming career, but she developed a new love this year as a Triathlete. Not only does she think it is fun to compete again, but the children also love to accompany mom on her long training rides and runs.

ER – A place that we have become very familiar with this year thanks to Marcus. Words are hard to describe how active our son is, but maybe his injuries will give you an idea - Third degree burns covering both hands, multiple dislocated elbows (that mom now knows how to put back in place), 7 stitches after biting through his lip, 5 stitches in his upper lip (on a separate occasion) and lots of band aids. Thank goodness for his upbeat spirit that make taking care of such a monkey worthwhile.

Friends- I guess this would be more ideal if the name of the show was best friends, something our children have become. It has been so much fun to watch Emma and Marcus develop such a loving and rewarding relationship this year.

American Idol- Emma knows a lot about one of America’s current idols, Miley Cyrus. She loves to put on a Miley show for mom and dad and use them as props/her biggest fans. For her birthday she received tickets to go to her first big concert which she thoroughly enjoyed and even cried when the time to leave snuck up on her.

Friday Night Lights- This show is one of Eric and I’s all time favorite shows. I don’t think that there is any doubt in our mind that Marcus will be playing under the Friday Night Lights in High school. We have enjoyed watching Marcus’ love for baseball, football, basketball and all things BYU develop this past year.

Family Ties- I learned a lot more about the McAllister Family Ties at their Family Reunion in Kanab, Utah this past August. This has to be one of the highlights of our year. We enjoyed golfing, eating, swimming, chatting, and laughing with Eric’s Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. There were many laughter filled moments which make any family reunion worthwhile, but I can guarantee that this family is like no other you have seen…in a good way.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Finally, no holiday season would be complete without this timeless classic. Ours is a wonderful life, thanks entirely to Christ’s love and His ultimate sacrifice. Praying that His love changes your holiday and your lives!


The McAllister’s

Eric, Tamber, Emma and Marcus


my little baby.

My little baby is getting so big. The other morning she made french toast. All I did was make the batter and give her the bread...she did the rest. She is always so willing to help. I cant believe how much she is growing up!

Love, Tamber



The kids got to sit on Santa's lap tonight at our Ward Christmas Party.
Here is what they asked him for:

Emma: Leapster, microphone, and a scarf

Marcus: Basketball

Love, Tamber

BYU basketball

My children love BYU basketball games. Here are a couple of pics from a game the other day. You can see Marcus' stitches right above his lip...he looks like thug.

Love, Tamber


Guess Who

I know that I havent posted in a while....We have been busy with stuff around here, probably just not with stuff you all are interested in.

So, I am going to play a game of Guess Who with you.

There are many moments in my dad where I stop what I am doing and think...."it is WAYYYY to quiet. What are the kids doing" , soooo...Guess who I found..

Yup....it was Marcus.

And he was hanging from the sink doing this....

Cleaning the dishes...yup. It was actually a nice surprise considering some of the things that I find him doing like this....

Ya...I know. You are thinking...How cute. He is naked and reading books. Ya, that is what I thought at first too...that is why I took the picture.

That is what the camera sees....but what you don't see is that he took his diaper off and made a HUGE (did I say HUGE) mess. I will spare you all the details.

Needless to say, now we are potty training after multiple times of finding the diaper off. He is suprisingly doing well.

Okay, onto the next project that has
been going on in out house.

Guess who made this cake?

Yup...Yours truly. It was a really fun project that I didnt have nearly as much time to work on or else it would have been a little less lop sided, but what does a 3 year old care about that. This was for one of my neighbors.

Okay, now guess what was the most anticipated event of the year thus far (well, maybe not that extreme, but it was a very anticipated event).

Can you guess what it was?

Okay, maybe you didnt guess that one, but both of my kids are huge fans of Cosmo, and when they found out that Cosmo-clause would be at my work Christmas Party they about had a tissy fit. Anyways, that is what we have been up to lately. What have you been up to this lovely holiday season?

Seasons Greetings...
Love, Tamber


How Can I Be?

I heard a Song tonight at our Christmas Program, and it was amazing. I had to find it. I love the Ukulele version, but it was originally written on the piano. Very moving! I hope to be hearing my kids singing this when they get older. Here are the Lyrics so that I can remember them.

How Can I Be

How can I be like my brother Nephi?
and My father Lehi of old?
How can I be like Captain Moroni
In the wars that were told?

How can I see forever
Like the promise to the three Nephites?
I wanna be Samuel the Lamanite
I wanna be Benjamin the Wise
I wanna be like Abinidi
Oh tell me how can I be like them?

How can I be like Alma the Younger,
Strong servant of the Lord?
How can I be like Mighty Ammon,
Whose heart was his sword?

How can I be a stripling warrior,
And learn to fight by faith?
I wanna be Samuel the Lamanite
I wanna be Benjamin the Wise
I wanna be like Abinidi
Oh tell me how can I be like them?

How can I be like my brother Joseph,
When he prayed in the grove of trees?
How can I have the strength that he had
And the love he had for God?

How can I be courageous
And strive to choose the right?
I wanna be Samuel the Lamanite
I wanna be Benjamin the Wise
I wanna be like Abinidi
I wanna be like Jesus Christ
Oh tell me how can I be like Him?
Oh tell me how can I be like Him?

By: Nela Otuafi

Love, Tamber


Christmas Pictures.


On Saturday I decided I needed to get my Christmas Cards done, so I got the kids dressed and took some pictures. Here are some that we didnt use for our cards, I will save those ones for later. If you want a Christmas Card, leave your address with me so that I can get one to you.

Love, Tamber

Santa's Helicopter.

On Black Friday we went to the mall where they had Santa's big arrival. He flew in on a Helicopter and the kids absolutely loved it. I didnt even get a picture of Santa, but I promise that he was there.

Love, Tamber


Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for this Holiday season, but the thing I am most thankful for is my Family. We had plans to stay home and just have a low key Thanksgiving when we found out that Eric's Grandfather had no where to go for Thanksgiving dinner. We were blessed to be able to have him down to our house for a couple of hours to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner. Here is a picture of the kids and Great-grandpa Jim. They love being around him, but who doesn't!

Here is a picture of Emma and Marcus. They were having fun posing for the camera.

Love, Tamber



I have been working a lot lately on a Christmas project, and one thing that I have been so grateful for is having memories, pictures, stories and legacies of my ancestors. Just looking at this picture gives me comfort. I never got to meet my great-grandmother Mary Clark because she died when she was young, but from what I do know, she was an amazing person and knowing that she paved the way for me give me eternal comfort.

Love, Tamber


Family Night

One of Emma's favorite movies is The Polar Express and since last night was her choice of Activity for Family Home Evening, she chose to watch it with the family for the first time this season. We bought the 3D version. Here is a picture of the kids enjoying that feature. This is the one movie that both of our kids will sit down and watch the entire thing. Needless to say Eric and I enjoyed a nice relaxing evening.
Love, Tamber