Dinosaur Museum

The kids and I decided to venture out today and go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Note to self: People in Utah are cheap (as am I) and when there is any kind of a discount on activities it will be crowded. The picture below is of our view at the end of the line. The line wraps around the building with the dinosaur on it and then inside...CRAZY. Well really it only took us about 30 minutes to get inside, so it wasnt so bad.

Emma and Marcus climbing through the tunnel.
Marcus and Emma in front of a dinosaur skeleton which you cant see cause it was so dark in the background.
Marcus and Emma standing in front of the foot of a dino.
Marcus playing in the sand/water mess. He kept throwing the sand at everyone. What a devil.
Marcus and Emma playing
Emma digging up a fossil.
Marcus playing in the sand (he didnt really understand the whole fossil thing)
Emma and Marcus digging the fossil.
Love, Tamber


{ Pirate Island }

Tonight we finally got to go to Pirate Island. For all of you Utah County Folks, I highly recommend it. It is located near the new movie theaters at University Mall. A family in our ward is the owner and we have been hearing about it all summer. Emma has been so excited to go, and we finally did. They had great pizza, amazing atmosphere and fun games. The kids loved playing in the arcade and playground area, wearing their pirate hats, using their two coins that they recieved with their menu pirate hats, watching the lightning and fake bombs shoot off the pirate ship and throwing quarters in the fountain to try and get the pirate to pop up. We will definitely return again.
Me and Marcus
Eric and Emma
Marcus in Pirate hat
Emma in pirate hat
Emma riding motercycle (fuzzy sorry)
Marcus playing on the playground that was a pirate ship.
Emma riding Elephant on the carousel.
Marcus riding the zebra (he loves zebras)
Eric shooting the gun in the gallery.
Emma and Marcus riding the train.

Love, Tamber

Dress up

Emma loves to play dressup. Here is a picture when she and her friend were dressing up on Wednesday. She was so excited to have her friend Sadie come over for a play date and they played every minute that they had together.

Love, Tamber


Meet the Cougars

We have a little tradition in our family to attend 'Meet the Cougars Night' at BYU. They have a bunch of fun activities for the kids as well as posters of the teams that you can take around and get signatures of all the athletes and football players. The kids love going. The Cross Country team had a running race course and a goal that the kids could kick soccer balls into. These were the kids favorite activites. Here are some pictures...

Emma playing soccer.

Emma and marcus running the race.

Emma and Marcus

Marcus finishing the race.
Emma rounding the corner and Marcus way back there in the blue shirt.

Emma finishing the race.
Emma rounding the corner.
Marcus getting ready to kick the soccer ball. Emma felt like she needed to explain to him how to do it, but he knows very well how to do it.
Love, Tamber



The kids love to play in the bath while waiting for daddy to get home from work late at night. I wish I had a completely tiled bathroom so that it would be easier to clean up. Here is a fun picture of Marcus playing.

Love, Tamber


New Pastime.

This week it has really hit me that my little girl isnt so little anymore. One of her new pastimes is playing computer games on pbskids.org. She loves playing counting games with Elmo, sending cartoon email messages to family and friends and watching the stories on the computer. She asks everyday to play while Marcus is taking a nap. Now dont automatically assume that I am a bad mom and let her everyday, cause I dont. I am all about keeping my kids outside and letting them have active lives. Here are some pictures of my cute big girl!

Love, Tamber


Marcus loves stealing sips from Eric's soda...something I am not to happy about. He learned this week how to say Dr. Pepper...it sounds more like 'boper pepper'



I caught this picture about 1/2 second too late. Marcus and Emma were laying down on the hot ground next to each other...it was so cute. Swimming...another thing to keep busy. They love swimimng!

Love, Tamber


Another Adventure...

This week has been the week of adventures (and it is only Tuesday). Our car is still at the shop and that has complicated things a little bit. At 6 tonight Marcus feel off the kitchen counter and bit all the way through his lip. I didnt have a car and Eric was just leaving work in Salt Lake, so luckily one of my friends let me take her car to the urgent care. I have never seen Marcus so sad. For as much as he gets hurt, he takes it pretty tough and doesnt cry a lot. He did this time. He had to get 5 outer stitches and 4 inner stitches. They wrapped him like a burrito in a blanket while 3 nurses held him down so the doctor could get the stitches in. The entire time he yelled...'ew, stinky'...that is what he says when he has a stinky diaper, or when he eats something he doesnt like, or when someone hurts him and he doesnt like it. Here is a picture of him with the bandaid over his stitches to try and hold the neospin on. He took that off about 5 minutes after we got home.

In this picture it looks like he is crying, but all night he has been holding his lip out like this, I guess that is the most comfortable position for it. This picture makes me want to cry. Anyways, enough said about the injury. I hope we are not in the Urgent Care for a while.

Love, Tamber

Finger Painting

Now that Eric is back to work at his new job, I have been trying to find things to keep the kids busy. Emma wanted to paint yesterday, so I got the finger paints out. Here are some pictures of the fun.

Love, Tamber


Congratulations Trace

My little brother got his mission call Friday. We Skyped in while he opened it. He is going to McAllen, Texas. He will be on the very southern tip of Texas (8 miles) from the border of Mexico. He will be spanish speaking and enters the MTC on October 28th. I am so excited for him. I know that he will be an amazing missionary. He is really nervous about speaking spanish since he didnt do to hot in his Spanish classes in High School, but I know that he can do anything that the Lord calls him to do. Congratulations Trace!

Love, Tamber


Family Reunion...BBQ and Marshmellow fight

The last night of the reunion we went to Kanab city park to have a BBQ. It was a fun park for the kids. They had a pool that we swam in for a little bit, then there was a splash park that the kids could play in and a very fun park.

This is a picture of Marcus asleep on grandpa.

Danny and Trixie were nice enough to bring stuff to entertain the kids. They brought PVC pipe to make marshmallow guns that the kids could play with. After the kids played with them for a half hour or so, some of the adults got in a fight with them. Here is a picture of Amy hiding from Lynn.Here is a picture of Lynn blowing a marshmallow at Amy.

Lynn trying to figure out the Gun. It didnt take him long to figure it out, and as soon as he did, he started getting his marshmallows wet before he put them in so that they stuck to you if they hit you. It was funny watching these guys battle.
Amy trying to hit Lynn. You can also see Nannette right behind Amy also trying to hit him. They kind of ganged up on him.

Love, Tamber


Family Reunion...Pictures

On Saturday for lunch we went to the Heritage House in Kanab. It is a historical site that you can tour. Lynn (Eric's Dad) remembers spending most of his time at that house with his grandpa. We had lunch on the lawn and then toured the house and then had family pictures on the front porch.
This is a picture of the front of the Heritage House.

This is the whole crew that was at the family reunion. I think the only ones that were missing from the picture that couldnt be at the family reunion was Eric's brother Cort and his family. We sure did miss them and wish they could have come.
This is Helene and Lloyd's children and spouses.

Lynn, Lolene and Kieth

Lynn originally put the chair up there so that Kieth could stand on it and not feel self conscious that he is so short, but Kieth sat down in it. After one picture his kids made him stand up because it looked awkward.
Here are the grandchildren and spouses.
Here are only the grandchildren.
Up close

Here is a picture of the great grand children. I dont know if you can see the little girl (gracie) in the front screaming, but she didnt want her picture taken. The funny thing is she just stood there and screamed. She didnt try and run away from the picture taking.
Great grandchildren again.

Travis, Amy, Diane and Brooke
The kids climbing a tree.

All the cousins climbing the tree.
Emma and Marcus looking at the chickens.

Love, Tamber