Eventful Day

Yesterday I flew from Salt Lake to Sacramento via layover in Las Vegas. What an event it was. I thought that I would be writing that it was eventful because I was traveling with two kids and one of them acted up, but that was not the case. The kids were amazing on the plane rides. Marcus even slept one leg of the flight. When we stopped in Vegas we didnt have to get off the plane, but we did have to wait for more people to board to go to Sacramento. We boarded and actually pushed off early from the gate. We backed up and then started to taxi. Mid taxi we heard a loud boom and then the flight attendants seemed a little paniky. I looked to the back of the plane since we were in the front and the cabin was starting to fill with smoke. The pressure hurt my ears and even had the kids complaining. The flight attndant announced that there was smoke on the plane and that they would be going back to the gate. They got back to the gate in about 30 seconds. Two captains that were taking a ride as passengers went running to the back of the plane with fire extinguishers. They told us to grab our bags and de-board in an orderly manner. They kept saying....'please dont panic, please dont hurt anyone on your way out, there is no need to panic'. When we got off of the plane, we watched out the airport windows as 3 fire engines pulled up to the plane and unloaded its firefighters. Marcus was quite amused watching the caos.

It ended up taking them about an hour and a half to unload us, find a new plane and get us re loaded to go to Sacramento. They explained that we were finally headed to Sacramento and that we would all be rewarded with free drinks. Yah for me...haha. I was surrounded by a bunch of drunks by the time we actually arrived. All in all, I am just glad that my children and I arrived safely to see my family for the week.

Happy Flying!!

Love, Tamber


Of coarse...

If you know Marcus, this doesn't come to much of a surprise. Last night we spent a wee 15 min. at the Insta Care because Marcus dislocated his elbow. Luckily, there was no one else even there. We were in Salt Lake when I decided that I needed to take him to the doctor, so I went to the local Insta Care. I didnt have my medicaid card for him, so the nurse came out and looked at him. She was telling us that we might want to just take him over to primary childrens hospital so we didnt have to pay Cash to get it done. Right when she said that the doctor came out and said, let me look at it. He just popped it right back into place while we were sitting in the waiting room. He said..'okay, your done'. And that was that. I dont even think we were ther 15 min. It was more like 5 or 10 min. It was awesome.

Oh, and the story of how it happened...
I was holding Marcus' hand and he decided he didnt want to go the way that I was going, so he turned and lifted his feet at the same time. I lifted him up to get him into the car and I felt something pop. So, now I guess we should be a little more careful with his arms now.
Love, Tamber


Flashback Friday

I am running out of pictures of me or Eric from when we were younger. I have a lot of pics that I can scan, but just haven't done it yet. This is a picture of my mom when she was a young girl. I can see lots of resemblance from my siblings in this picture. Isnt she cute?
Love, Tamber



I am home tonight thinking about love and how much I love the members of my family. Isn't it crazy that you can love so many people to the extent that you fill like there isn't any more room for your love to grow and then it does?!?! This is always something that has boggled my mind.
Love, Tamber

Emma Singing

This is a video of Emma singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Emma Singing

Emma's new favorite thing to do is sing songs and then watch herself once I download them to the computer. Wednesday night she recorded 4 songs. So, I will put them up over the next 2 weeks when I have nothing to blog about.

This one is Sally the Camel.

Love, Tamber



I was making cupcakes today and while I was making them I had to keep Marcus busy, so I turned on the water and let him at it to play. When I was done making the cupcakes, I had some extra batter in the bowl and put it by the sink, not in the sink because I didn't want him to get into. Well, he climbed on the counter and pulled it into the sink and made a huge mess. Oh well. It was kind of funny. The Rainbow cupcakes are for a neighborhood block birthday party.

Love, Tamber

A laugh that would make anyone happy...

One of my favorite things to do to Marcus is kiss him under his neck. He laughs so hard. It is hilarious. He loves to be tickled by kisses. He even eggs it on sometimes.
Love, Tamber


Flashback Friday

I don't know what we were doing in this picture. I think it was probably the idea of the guys in the back. They were some guys that I swam with in high school. We must have thought that we were cool or something. I think this was Senior Year Winter Ball, but I cant remember for sure. Anyways, that was an interesting date. On a side note...I wish I could have those arms back....haha.

Love, Tamber


Marcus Climbing Again

Marcus looks innocent right?..well, the smile is cute, but let me scan back even more...

Yeah, okay, not so bad here either. He loves to sit by the window and watch the people outside. Let me scan back more and show you his favorite place to sit....

Yeah, this is what happens when I leave even one kitchen chair down. He climbs up onto the ledge by the window and sits and stands up there. He was suppose to be eating dinner (you can see all of the spaghetti that he threw onto the floor), and I came out of my room and this is what I found. I cant catch a break from this kid. He is going to give me a heart attack one day.

Love, Tamber


My Mom by Emma May 2009

I know that Mother's Day was a little while ago, but I wanted to write these down on my blog so that I don't loose them or forget about them. I interviewed Emma and asked her these questions. Here are her answers:

I really love it when my mom tells me that i be good

My mom likes to wear shirts

My mom always tells me, something about my friends

The best thing she does is teach me.

It makes her happy when i dont do things that are right

My mom loves to relax by emma

I like it when she plays games with me.

The best thing she cooks is cookies

When my mom shops she likes to buy grapes and butter.

My mom’s favorite household chore is clean up our favorite things.

My mom’s favorite TV show is best shows.

If she could go on a trip, she would go California.

I love my mom because i like her painting with me.

Love, Tamber

Bike ride..I did it!

My car broke down and we don't really have the money to fix it, so my new vehicle is my bike and bike trailer. This morning I decided that I was going to take Emma to school in the bike trailer to see if I could do it. It is only 2.5 miles there but it is all down hill. So it only took me 12 minutes to get there. I have been procrastinating doing it because I was afraid of pulling the bike trailer back up the evil hill. Well, I did it, I made it home without dying. And the best part is, I didnt even stop to walk the bike up the hill at all. There was a girl on the bike trail ahead of me and I am so competative that I had to make it farther than her up the hill before stopping...well, needless to say she made it 3/4 of the way up the hill and when I got to where she stopped I decided that I was almost there and I was going to keep going and get a good workout. My lungs were burning and I was talking to myself the last little bit saying 'go tamber go, go tamber go'. I am sure that if anyone heard me they were probably thinking I was crazy, but mentally that was the only way I could do it.

Anyways, here are some pictures of Marcus. He fell asleep toward the end of the bike ride. It was really cute.

Love, Tamber



I just finished making a book our of the past three years of my blog. It turned out to be 156 pages. I am so excited about it. I used the website Blurb.com. It took me about a total of maybe 10 hours (a little here and a little there). This is what the format looks like. Once you download the program you can import your blog and autopotulate the pages. My book autopopulated was like 450 pages. I condensed it down to 156. If you autopopulate it puts about one picture per page and I put up to 12 pictures per page. It is a pretty simple program to use. You can also download pictures straight from your computer or any of the major picture websites (picassa, etc.). I love the way that it turned out. I will be doing more photo books in the future. I want to do one for each of the kids about their lives and then I want to do one for the 6 years that Eric and I have been married. I also want to do one about my life. Anyway, I just thought that I would share this website with you guys. It is great.

Love, Tamber


What a weekend!

You know those weekends (or days and I guess it could be weeks) where you feel like you accomplished so much, You feel like your family grew closer together, You feel like everyone was in a good mood, You feel so happy, and most of all you feel so Loved by everyone around you. This weekend was one of those for me. Nothing exceptionally exciting. Just plain good.

These pictures were taken on Sunday May 10 while outside celebrating Mother's day.

Thank you to Eric for having such a positive attitude for me on Mothers Day...even after waking up with the kids at 5:45 am (yeah, Marcus woke up so early and Eric had told me he would get up with the kids), going to church, letting me take a 3 hour nap, cooking some dinner out on the BBQ for me. Eric was such a stud. I knew I wouldn't get anything for Mother's Day because we just don't have the money, but he did everything he could to show me that he cared today and it meant a whole lot. Thanks Honey!

Love, Tamber



Can you guess where we went to Lunch the other day? It is one of our favorites. I think I ate way too much that day.

Love, Tamber


Flashback Friday

This is a picture of me , Grandpa Brent and some of my cousins on my dad's families side. Can you tell who the gymnast is?

Love, Tamber



I know. I have been boring lately. I havent had a lot to blog about. We are kinda stuck in a rut at our house...looking for jobs, cleaning, and not doing much more than that.

So, today I have a question for you all. I might start making this a weekly ritual, but for now I will see if any one responds.

If you could change one law what would it be?

I would love to hear all of your answers and sometime this week I will tell you all what I want to change.

Love, Tamber


Graduation Idea

Here is an idea for graduation cupcakes that I made for Eric's graduation party today. Just make any cupcakes you like, make some frosting, dye it school colors. Then for the graduation hat use mini reese's peanut butter cups and either thin mints (which i couldn't find) or any square cookie for the top ( I just used the great value square peanut butter cookies). Make sure you stick the two together with frosting and then use the frosting to make a tassel.

Love, Tamber


Flashback Friday, Eric Graduation

Well, today is UVU's officaial graduation. Eric decided not to walk, but he is completely done with school, so I figured that in honor of his graduation I would show one of my high school graduation pictures. This is most of my friend in high school, well the seminary group anyway. I loved my high school graduation. I was at a point in my life that I was so happy to move on with everything.

To Eric:
I love you so much! I am so proud of you for getting your bachelor's degree. I know that it was not the easiest thing in the world to take full time classes and work full time for 5 years (taking 18-23 credits some of the time) while also having a family that needed your time and attention. You are such a hard worker and I know that it will all pay off in due time. Be patient and know that I love you no matter what.
Your wife