Tryinig to Sale

In order to get our Condo ready to sale, the last couple of weeks have been very busy. We have been cleaning, fixing and packing.

The kids were a huge help and even chose half of their own toys that we could pack up for the next couple of months until we hopefully move.

Here are some pictures of them trying to pack themselves up.

Marcus is funny because he doesn't understand the temporary packing. He keeps asking me to pack up certain toys because he is afraid that they are going to get left behind if we don't pack them now.

Here is our condo listing. If you know of anyone looking for a great rental property, this one is great because it is so close to BYU and UVU. They are not difficult to rent out and could bring in some income at the current rates.




Sunday we celebrated the big 3 - 0 for Eric. When you ask him how it feels being that age he says 'the same as 27-29'.

The week before his birthday he said...'now don't you go planning anything sneeky around here'. The sad thing is that he made me smirk and I felt bad because I hadn't planned anything for his birthday. All of his friends are turning 30 this year as well and it seems their wives have all planned parties for them. At this state in pregnancy I knew I wouldn't have the energy to do something like that. So last minute I invited some family members over for Sunday dinner and cake. And of coarse I didn't get any pictures, but it was the perfect celebration. Not to much work and still lots of fun.

(this is the most recent picture of him that I could find)

Eric is an amazing husband and this is one reason why...
he picks up the slack when I am out of commission. I didn't feel well last night. My body was sore and I wasn't feeling well. So not only did he get dinner on his way home, but at the most hectic time of night he told me to go to bed. I ended up getting in a warm shower while he put the kiddos in bed and somehow he did it all without any whining on their part. After I got in bed he checked on me multiple times and waited on me when I needed something. I couldn't be more grateful for a husband who is so helpful and loving.

So, here is my celebration to a wonderful husband and friend!

Love, Tamber


Beach Fun.

One of the best advantages of my job is some of the travel that we get to do.

It is always nice to go with the team to Christmas training right after Christmas and enjoy the warm weather. We visited La Jolla Shores Beach and let the kids play for a while.

Even though it was a little cold, we had a blast.



Other San Diego

Here are some more pictures of San Diego.

We went to the Mormon Batallion Exhibit where the kids enjoyed panning for gold and watching the video about our pioneers.

We also went for a lovely drive to Coronodo Island where the kids were cold because of the wind, but that didn't stop them from enjoying the playground and the beach.



An innocent Cry

It made me cry the first time I heard it because it was just so cute. Here is Baby Desmond and his adorable little cry.


Welcome Baby Desmond!

I had the opportunity of being with my sister last night as she gave birth to her first child, Desmond. It was a wonderful experience. I wanted to say Congratulations to both Dan and Tawni....Welcome to the world of parenting. You will both be amazing parents.

January 10,2011 8:31pm

7 lbs 13 oz

20.5 inches long

Love, Tamber


Team time.

While in San Diego on of our swimmers families put on a BBQ at their friends house.

Emma and Marcus had a blast making new friends, eating yummy food, and playing in the water.

Team Picture



Sea World

Last year when we visited San Diego with the swim team we bought a day pass which also included a year pass for all of 2010, so this year we were able to go back and see it all again and even more than before.

Emma's favorite show was the Dolphin show.

They had fun riding the rides with Kristina (our friend/babysitter that came with me since Eric couldn't come)

Emma and Marcus waiting to see Shamu.



Visit to San Diego Temple

While in San Diego right after Christmas we were able to visit the San Diego Temple. I wish that I had time to go and do a session, but I felt bad for already leaving my kids so often for work during the trip. Here are some pictures that we took on New Year's Eve when we stopped by to see the lights.



Christmas Morning

I am finally getting around to documenting our Christmas.

This was the first year that Emma was too excited about Christmas morning that she couldn't fall asleep on Christmas Eve, which made for a late night for Santa.

Here are some pictures of the kids on Christmas day opening up presents and enjoying family.

Emma's favorite gift...a caboodle filled with girly things. She wanted to paint her toenails right away.

Emma also loved separating all of the gifts into piles for everyone.

The one thing that Marcus wanted from Santa was a car track. He has been playing with it non stop. He loves building and he loves cars.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Love, Tamber