This is what happens when you are bored and you have a camera sitting next to you. I guess I was in a playful mood. The kids were being funny.

As you can see Marcus really wanted to hold the camera. He kept getting so mad. It was funny.

Love, Tamber

Emma's Birthday Party

On Thursday we had a picnic at the park with Emma and her friends to celebrate her birthday. We didn't do anything extravagant. We ate our lunches, fed the ducks, played at the park, played with the T-ball set and kicked the soccer ball around. Emma liked having all of her friends together to play. Thanks to everyone that came.

Love, Tamber


Happy 4th Birthday Emma

We took Emma to the store on Monday to pick out a bike, and this is the one she chose. She loves it. Then the next morning, Tuesday , we opened presents while eating breakfast. When she was done opening them she said...'where are the rest of my toys?' I guess she expected a bunch of toys other than the bike, but all we got her was the bike, 2 DVD's, a book and some goggles to swim with. Oh well, I guess that is how a 4 year old thinks. Here are some pictures of her on the bike.

My little baby girl isn't so little anymore. It feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with Emma. Time flies so quickly. June 23rd she turned 4 years old. Emma is such a fun little girl. Some of my favorite things about her are...

-Every time she goes from the house to the car or from the car to the house it is a race between her and her dad. They have so much fun doing this. How every time she goes to the car with her dad it is a race.
-She loves to give her daddy hugs. She is definitely a daddy's girl.
-How every time she eats anything it is a race.
-Her smile can melt a heart.
-Emma loves to play with her little brother. They can play for hours together. They laugh their heads off. I love to see that they are truly best friends. I know that I have to cherish it now because soon enough she will be too good for him.
-How she tells on herself when she lies.
-She loves her friends. She always talks about them and looks up to them very much. Hopefully she can always keep good friends in her life.
-She loves to pray. I always see her praying in public, in private and even teaching her little brother how to pray. What a special memory.
-Emma loves Hannah Montana. She is always singing her songs and dancing like her.
-She loves to Sing. It is probably her favorite thing to do...she sings while she play's, she sings while she is getting dressed, she sings while she is falling asleep, she sings to her brother, she sings when she is in the car. She makes up songs about whatever she is doing or sings different words to songs she loves.
-Recently Emma has created an imaginary friend. Her name is Maudree (I think like audree). She always tells me about things that Maudree says to her and conversations they have. She plays with Maudree, she bathes with Maudree and she sleeps with Maudree.
-Emma loves al of her grandparents. She loves visiting them or talking to them on the phone. All of her grandparents are an important part of her life.

Love, Tamber


Happy Father's Day

Emma and I as well as some friends made these on Saturday night for the Father's in our life. I found the idea on a cupcake blog that I follow. We had fund making them. What could be better than cupcakes, brownies, frosting and sugar cookies. The directions are on Bakerella. They even have the templates for the cute holders as well as some blank fry holders so that you can make them for the 4th of July or any other holiday. Everyone loved them. They were delicious.

Love, Tamber


My Dad by Emma May 2009

I asked Emma similar questions around Mother's Day, so I figured that I would do it again for Fathers Day. Here are her answers:

I really love it when my dad works his job.

My dad likes to wear his BYU shirt and his BYU pants.

My dad always tells me, we can go to Mark's (a gas station) when Im his princess.

The best thing that my dad does is work.

It makes him happy when i eat lunch.

My dad loves to relax by my Emma.

I like it when he does something that he likes when me to do when we go to Mark's.

The best thing he cooks is pizza

When my dad shops he likes to buy fruit drinks.

My dad’s favorite household chore is clean up his room.

My dad’s favorite TV show is sports.

If he could go on a trip, he would go to College.

My dad works at BYU.

When my dad and I have fun we go to Disneyland.

I wish my dad could make a birthday cake.

I love my dad because he loves me.

Love, Tamber


Girls Day

Today Eric was nice enough to watch the kids for the day while I hung out with the ladies. We have all been wanting to go to the Manti temple for a while now, and we finally got there. It is a beautiful temple. You can see it for miles away as you approach it. It is the 3rd oldest operating temple. We didnt realize until we got there that it is one of the two temples that does a live endowment. The inside was amazing.

I am glad that I have friends who love to get out together. We had a blast driving hte hour and a half there and back. We also stopped in for some lunch. If you have never had the chance to go to the Manti temple, I would suggest going. It is well worth the drive there.

Love, Tamber


The life of Marcus.

These pictures sum up the life of Marcus. He tends to fall, get hit and bonk every part of his body.Even though he gets hurt frequently from his active lifestyle, he is still a happy child. If he cries at all, he is still happy.

Today he fell and hit his nose on a chair and it started bleeding.

Love, Tamber


My bathroom was in need of some serious help. Unfortunately we are a little tight on money right now, so I went down to our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, and snatched up a gallon of paint for $5. I love the Re-Store....it is like DI but only for home renovation furniture, tools, or accessories. You dont get to pick the paint color and have it mixed, but you can look through everything and find something you like. That is what I did. It is amazing what a little paint does for you. I had almost everything else (shelves and cups) laying around. I did the renovation as a suprise for Eric when he was out of town last weekend. I liked the way it turned out.

Love, Tamber


Early Father's Day

The kids and I gave Eric his father's Day present early, so here it is:

Eric seemed pretty excited about it. Although we do not have a lot of space to hang it right now, Eric is really excited to have a house and eventually hang it in our basement.

Love, Tamber


Bike Rides

We have been trying to go on more bike rides lately. This is a picture of the kids up by bridal veil falls. They had fun on that ride.

Love, Tamber


Fairytale Town.

While in California, we decided to take the kids to Fairytale Town. We originally decided to go to catch the puppet show, but found out once we got there that they dont have shows on Monday or Tuesday. Oh well, the kids still enjoyed it.

Love, Tamber


More Park.

Here are some more pictures from our visit to the park with our friends. The reason they are all of Marcus is because I had to chase him around. If I left his side he would have jumped off the top of the playground. Sorry to Emma for not catching all of her sand castle making.

Love, Tamber



My kids love their aunts and uncles that they got to visit in California. Marcus loves to say Tashly's name, although he does say Tashee. Here is a picture of Marcus and Tashly.
Love, Tamber


Backyard Fun.

While we were in California, the kids enjoyed some summer fun in my dad's backyard. They got their swim suits on, splashed in the pond (that now has a metal safety grate on it) and ran in the sprinklers. They had a blast in the 97 degree heat.

Love, Tamber


Last Day of Preschool

Emma loved going to preschool this year. She attended Adventure Time. He teacher was great. This is Mrs. Megan and Emma on the last day of school.
Love, Tamber



I love this kid. He absolutely loved jumping on the trampoline at Grandpa Tim's. He makes me smile.

More posts in the next week about our trip to California.


Flashback Friday

This picture is for all of you who took my face book 'How well do you know Tamber McAllister' test and failed a certain question.

I believe the question was What is my favorite Disney Character.

Two of the choices were Ariel and Flounder. Most people guessed Ariel. They got the movie right, but as you can see in this picture, I use to have a Flounder doll. My little sister Tashly gave it to me before my first national meet. Ever since then I took it to every swim meet that I had. I made my friends put it onto my block after I dove in. I loved flounder. He is hilarious.
There's your proof!
Love, Tamber


Fun with friends

I am still in California. While I have been here we have done lots of fun things, but one thing that I really enjoyed was meeting up with old friends. These are two of my best friends from high school. You know those friends that you dont get to see very often, but when you do you just pick right up where you left off....that is how these friends are. We had a fun time hanging with the kids at the park.
Here is Marcus and Preston playing by the drinking fountain.

Love, Tamber