Happy Easter Everyone!

I just wanted to write and tell everyone Happy Easter. I love Easter. It is a wonderful thing that we have the knowledge and that Christ gave us the opportunity to celebrate his ressurection. I hope that I can help my children celebrate Easter's real meaning. I decided that I was going to give them a little candy, an easter or Christ book and either an outfit or a game for their Easter Baskets each year. Here is a picture of what the Easter Bunny left Emma this morning (he didnt leave Marcus anything....he must have been too poor and he also must have known that neither kid would have known the difference).

Happy Easter!!!

Bathtime this morning

Emma loves to take Baths with marcus. She asks me everyday "when can he be big like me and sit in the tub and play".

I finally found Marcus' little Bath Chair, which is a saving grace.

Easter Egg Hunts

Here is Emma at the Orem Scera Park Easter Egg Hunt. It was crazy. There were so many people there. They also had an adult one. I lined up and when they said go, 2 women infront of me feel and were basically trampled, so I stopped and decided not to go any farther.

Here is Emma at the NuSkin Egg Hunt.

Here is Emma sitting on the Easter Bunny's Lap at one of the Easter Egg Hunts.


Age, what does it mean anyway?!?

Okay, I have a funny story....Becky this is for you....I must be loosing my mind. The other day one of my best friends (Becky) posted that she turned 26. So I posted...."I always thought that you were older than me, but I am 26 already", well funny thing is that I really have thought for like 6 months (at least) that I was 26. I just rediscovered that I was really only 25. I feel like I just gained a year of my life back. I dont know at what point I lost track of how old I am, or when I could even do the math anymore, but I all of a sudden feel a lot younger. My "momnesia" (A term used to describe how often moms forget things) probably caused all of this confusion. Anyways, here are some up to date numbers on how old I am.

I am: 25 years old
310 Months old
1348 Weeks old
9440 Days old
(I was going to write hours and minutes as of now, but 9440 is a big enough number for me)

Thanks Becky!!


Congratulations Trace!

I just wanted to tell Trace Congratulation on getting into BYU Idaho! The other night I got a text from my dad and it was a picture of him flexing his arms (or jumping for joy, I couldnt tell) and it said "Trace is going to College". I think everyone in the family is excited for him to have that awesome opportunity. Good Job Trace!!


Marcus' Birthday Countdown

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Emma's Birthday Countdown

Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker

Happy Birthday Emily

Here is Emma making her princess puppet.

Here is the Princess Birthday Girl.

Emma got to go to her friend Emily's Birthday Party yesterday and she had a blast. Thanks Lisa for your hard work in making it so fun for the kids. The make puppets, played hide-and -seek with the glass slipper, danced to princess music, played a musical chairs type game with the princess treasure box and then ate cake. Emma had a blast and kept talking about it all day yesterday. Happy Birthday Emily!

Jazz Game

Eric decided a while ago that he wanted to take Emma to a Jazz game. Last night was the night and when Eric walked in the door from work, Emma said "Dad....Its Jazz Game time!" It was really cute the way that she said it. Anyways, we all had a blast...Thanks Eric!!

Marcus Still Sick

Okay, so I finally decided that two months of Marcus' not being himself was enough. If you have followed earlier posts, you know that Marcus had a double ear infection. Even since he finished his first antibiotic he has started to slowly decline in health. Yesterday I finally decided that I needed to take him to the doctor again. So I did....and low and behold, he still has a double ear infection. I feel like the worst mom. I should have taken him a while ago, but I hate going to the doctor and feeling like the overly cautious mom that all of the nurses talk about. So I waited and waited and waited way too long. I guess I should thank Marcus for putting up with my neglect and hopefully next time I will remember that a child does not have to be screaming in pain to be sick and uncomfortable. He is just so happy all of the time that it is hard to tell when he doesnt feel well. Anyways, I hope that this means that we will start getting better from here on out (thanks everyone for the thought and concern after the last post). This is a picture of Marcus last night..look at his poor rosy cheeks.


A Mom's Sacrifice

I have had sick children now for about 2 months, well let me clear that up. Marcus got sick in Jan. with a double ear infection, and now has had 3 different sickenesses by now. Emma got sick and the beginning of the week and even though she fills better now, she has been sleeping terribly at night. Both she and Marcus have been so stuffed up, that they start coughing a lot at night, with wakes them and everyone else in the house up. Needless to say, it has been a very hard week, if not the hardest thus far being a mom. I think the reason it has been so hard is that Marcus is still not sleeping through the night (getting up between 2-5 times a night) and then not sleeping much this week on top of that has kind of put me over the edge. I feel like a hypnotized mummy walking around my house in a daze trying to get things done that need to get done. Now, low and behold after running myself into the ground....I am sick. My eyes are puffy, my nose is runny, my head feels like a dump truck is ramming into it continually and my whole body aches. Well, I guess I just needed to get that out. I feel a little better now that someone knows how I feel. I am sorry for complaining, but you wont hear another word from me on that....I guess that is all truley the Mothers Sacrife. Thanks mom for being such a great example to me of how a Mom can sacrifice for her children. It is bitter sweet.

A Playful Husband & HOT Jerky

Emma loves to eat out of Erics Jerky. Well this time I got him the sweet n' spicy kind. She wouldnt give up though, she wanted to eat it so bad, it was just a little too hot. Here are some pics of her sitting on Eric's lap eating the Jerky while drinking LOTS of water. She must have gotten the love of Hot food from her dad, cause I dont like it.

I am so grateful for a husband that loves to play and interact with his children. I dont think that I could ask for anything more. I went to the store last night, and when I came home, Emma was so excited to show me the fort that her and daddy made.

Emma's PB& J

So, I have been trying really hard to let Emma learn how to do things without telling her how they need to be done. Since I am such a perfectionist, it eats me up inside to watch her dip the Jam knife into the peanut Butter and then Eat a hole into the center of the bread while making the sandwich. I know that eventually she will get it down and do it a little more efficiently, but for now I have to let her do it on her own.

Now, doesnt that picture make you want a PB & J or what!...haha

Hard Play, Nice Rest

Funny story- Emma wanted to play with this box. She climbed in and was having a grand ole time. When she climbed out she looked at me and said...your turn mom.."hahahaha", funny Emma...I tried to even put my foot flat on the bottom, and that wouldnt even fit. The joys of being small.

I guess I should have put this picture last to show you what Emma does after a lot of hard fun play. She sat in Marcus' chair to watch a movie and when I came out of my room after getting Marcus to take a nap, she was also asleep in Marcus' reclining chair. Now for the fun.....

I took Emma to Ikea yesterday and everytime she saw one of these computer things, she begged to stop and play the games. So I let her one time and she flipped when I made her leave...I think she would have played all day.


Tag I am it.....what you didnt know

Two names you go by:
1. Bert (especially by my extended family, or mainly Uncle Aaron)
2. Tamberine ( I dont necissarily like this one....I just get called it all the time)

Two things you are wearing now.
1. Black Sweats
2.A Pink BYU Swimming Princess Shirt

Two of your favorite things to do:
1. Spend time with the family
2. Cook ( I really have been loving it lately)

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. Healthy kids (they have been sick for like 2 months)
2. A bigger house (I feel like we are starting to burst and the seems)

Two favorite pets you have had/have
1. Sporto (a beagle that my parents had when I was like 3, I remember him being cool though)
2. Turttle's (I dont remember their names, but they were easy to take care of...I dont really like pets. )

Two people who will fill this out:
1. Nicole Tolley
2. Becky Taylor (Maybe not...she just had her baby)

Two things you did last night:
1. Ate Mac and Cheese for dinner cause I to lazy to make anything else
2. Played with the kids while March Madness basketball was on (Eric's choice)

Two things you ate/drank today:
1. Pancakes (or paintakes as Emma calles them)
2. Grilled Turkey and Cheese Sandwich

Two people you've talked to today (other than the people that live in your home):
1. Laura May
2. Brandon May
(no one else...I have been inside with my sick kids all day...they just both happened to come to my door)

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Taking care of sick kids....again and maybe taking them to the doctor
2. Planning Eric and My Body for Life Meals. We are starting it on Monday...it takes so much planning

Longest Car Rides you've been on:
1. Utah to California( multiple times)
2. California to Utah

Favorite holidays:
1. Halloween- I think it is so much fun with kids. When I have my own house I am going to decorate it for halloween like my dad and uncle aaron use to. They use to make is so fun or scary for the kids that came around.
2. New Year's Eve (Eric hates it though)- I think I like the idea of having a fresh start to things. I know that I could do that at any other time of year, but there is already a somewhat universal time to do that, so why not take advantage.

Two favorite Beverages:
1. Milk
2. Milk (I dont drink much else, well except water too I guess.)


Grandpa Tim's Visit and Sick Family

My dad was in town Monday and Tuesday. He left today to go home. Dad....thanks for the fun visit. We always love spending time with you and misty when you come into town. The kids love you and love your family (especially Shaw's cats). We just basically ate a lot of good food, went to a really cool wholesale store that Misty had to get some stuff for a job that she is working on, and then ate some more.
Last night when we were coming home from Salt Lake after spending time with my dad, Emma (who had not been feeling very well) threw up all over my car. Luckily I was in North Orem, so I just hurried home and cleaned up when we got there. Last night no one in our home slept very well and wea re all sick this morning. I guess I should have knocked on wood when I was bragging last week that I had not been sick yet this winter (well, since I had Marcus). Oh well, we will get through it, it is just not fun.


a VERY productive Saturday

I have to brag a little bit about my husband and our very productive Saturday. Eric has been a saint lately. On Friday night, before I had brought anything up about cleaning, he said "will you make a list of things that I need to do tomorrow morning?". In my mind within a few seconds I think I had a list of like 20 things that needed to be done. Eric didnt complain once about the long list and just got things done....isnt he a wonderful husband? Here was our long list of things to get done......

Eric's List
Empty the dishwasher (they had been left in there for probably 3 days or so)
Do the dishes (they were overflowing on the counters)
Clean Kitchen Counters
Vaccum the whole house
Move the couch
Help put on COuch slip cover
Scrub table and chairs
Help fold and put away Laundry
Take Trash out
Clean trash can in bathtub
Glue Tamber's Cougar Statue back together
Put up new light bulbs

Tamber's List
Clean Bathroom
Sweep and Mop Floors
Put slip cover on
Wash walls
Clean out Shed and Organize
Clean laundry
Help FOld and put away laundry
Put papers in files
Take stuff out to shed

As you can see Eric was my Hero this weekend. He made my job much easier. I have to say that our house looked great for one day (kids destroy things fast).



Emma and Her Friends

I am so ready for it to be warm outside. Emma has been acting like she has been couped up for a year. We get together every morning with her friends and out small 2 bedroom condos are starting to burst at the seems when all the kids are over. On friday it was 48 degrees and we had a picknick outside at the park and then let the kids play outside....I know it is a little too cold, but I think everyone is so ready for it to be spring that we dont even notice that it is so cold. Here is a picture of Emma and her friends playing at the May's house.


Potty Training

So a couple of days before I left for Oklahoma City I started re-trianing Emma to go potty. She was sort of potty trained before Marcus was born, then she wanted the attention and she wanted to get her diaper changed like Marcus. So anyways, she started going potty again by herself. Thank you to Tawni and Lynn who while I was gone in Oklahoma did the hard part of following through with taking her places with panties on....which is a large risk. Emma is doing a great job now. We have an accident every once in a while, but it is usually not being able to get to a toilet fast enough. Anyways, I am happy not to have 2 children in diapers, it is a wonderful relief.


Go Cougars, I hate being washed up

I just got home on Sunday from the Mountain West Conference Swimming and Diving Championships that was held in Oklahoma City this past week. Our Women's Team got first place. They did an amazing job even though none of them made the NCAA Meet. The times to make nationals this year were rediculously crazy, I think due to it being an olympic year.

I was a little bit sad that my Mountain West Conference Record in the 200 yrd. Breaststroke was broken. A UNLV girl broke it on Saturday. She had an amazing race. It just shows even more how washed up I am. No one really knows who I am anymore, and my name isn't even in the record books anymore. I dont have to say that my I am still proud that I had the record for 8 years and I wasnt aloud to do a dolphin kick on my breaststroke pulldowns when I swam. (The year after a was done swimming they changed the rule on pulldowns saying that you could do 1 dolphin kick off of each wall during the pulldown. I know that it doesnt sound like it would make that much of a difference, but I believe that I could have gone between 1-2 seconds faster with that advantage), so that is my justification that it is okay for the record to be broken. I will always have a little * next to the current record.

Good Job Cougars!!

Brother and Sister

Here is a cute picture of Marcus and Emma. I was trying to get a good picture to put on my debit card since I needed a new one becasue it was bent. They look a lot alike in this picture.

Games, Make-up and Grandma Terre

Here is Emma playing her new game 'Ele Fun' that Grandma Terre bought her while she was here. Grandma Terre was here for 3 days, and Emma had a blast. She loves it when her grandmparents come to stay.

Whenever Grandma Terre comes over, Emma loves to pretend to put make-up on while she is getting ready. When Emma came out of the bathroom this time, this is what she looked like. She also tried to use Grandma's curling iron.