How we did.

I have to admit that I was feeling very ambitions when I made our list of things to do this summer. Now I am feeling unsuccessful. Between working, getting pregnant and being gone more this summer than we had expected, we didn't really get as many things done as we had wanted. I crossed off the ones that we did do. Hopefully next summer we can remember our list and finish it off.

Slip N Slide

Water Bucket Day

Make a Lemonade Stand

Obstacle Course (www.ehow.com/how_3113_set-obstacle-course.html )


Water Park (on the day that my work pays = free)

Visit New Parks (Once a week – Tuesdays)



Go see Dollar Movie

Make Edible Play dough

Bike Rides

Go see water falls

Water Fight Day

Paint with Pudding

Write Letters to Friends that live far away

Go Fishing

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt (www.allthatstuff.net/treasurehunt.htm )

Make a small box garden

Video Tape Singing

Have a Talent Show


Play Frisbee

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Practice Hoola Hooping

Make Finger Paint

Animal Farm

Ride the Tram up mountains (might be too expensive)

Learn Moonwalk

Clean up a Trail/Road

Make A Movie

Make A Fire Plan

Find A Pen Pal (www.stonesoup.com/main2/penpal.html )

Tie Dye T-shirts

Track the moon phases in a book

Keep a Journal of what you do this summer

Make a video of re enacted scripture story (Animoto.com – video software)

The Butterfly Experience

Decorate Flip Flops

Go to Summer Fest (June 11-12)

Play Sponge Football (with a soaking wet sponge)

Solar Cook Lunch (Bagel Bites)

Weekly Hiking Trip with Friends (Thursdays)

Paint Rocks

Make a Bird Feeder

Splash Pad (5400 W Civic Center, Highland Utah)



In toys that is...

Somehow between the 4 sets of Grandparents that my kids have and Christmas', Birthdays, etc. My kids have accumulated way to many toys.

With another child on the way we are trying to make room around here by getting rid of things that we dont use.

I had the kids bring ALL of the toys out of the bedroom into the living room and this is what the mound looked like.

Finally an empty closet.


Afterward...much better.

Now I feel like I can breathe again when I walk into their room.



Five Question Friday

1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did it come about?

Bert or Bertle. I Have no idea where it came from, but anyone who knew me when I was a child call me Bert. Tambernator. This was mostly a teammate and coach nickname and I think it was because I was unstopable at one point. If only I could find that determination there days. Hun, Mom, Mama. These are nicknames that I currently hear from my hubby and kiddos. I would have to say that they are my favorite ones.

2. What is your birth order amongst your siblings?

Second of Five.

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other?

Either Vin Diesel or Kevin James. Vin Diesel because when we were dating I thought he was a spitting image of Vin. And Kevin James (From King of Queens) because my hubby is that funny and they look very similar now.

4. What is currently your favorite song?

Probably Southern Voice by Tim McGraw

5. Are you saving your money for anything right now? Big or small purchase?

We are always saving for something. Now that baby #3 is on it's way we are saving for a larger home and a mini van.


Lemonade Stand

Emma and Marcus along with their friends Mea and Jaden had a Lemonade stand last week. I have been promising them all summer that we could do one and thought that since summer is coming to a close I better get on it and let them do it.

They ended up earning almost $10 total, which was more than I had expected.

And they had a blast doing it.



Brother and Sister

I have loved seeing Emma and Marcus grow closer as they get older. I can only imagine that their relationship will continue to get stronger.

Love, Tamber


Boating Trip

A week and a half ago my dad was in town and we went boating with my family. The kids had a blast. So much so that Marcus feel asleep...
Hanging out in the room (or basement as Emma called it) of the boat.

The kids having fun.

Grandpa Tim hanging out with the kids.

Emma and Marcus looking comfy in their life jackets.

Love, Tamber



Me: "Why is your poop green?'
Marcus: {Contemplation} " Cause it came out of my magic bum".

He continues to surprise me everyday with new things to say.



Tough Boy

Most people that have been around Marcus enough know that he is a very tough little boy. He surprised even me this week. We were playing at the park (as seen in the earlier post) and he started crying and saying 'owee'. He hadn't fallen or something so I immediately knew that he got stung by a bee. I looked at his arm and it was already puffy and red. So, we found some dirt and put it on his 'owee'. He didn't even whine or complain about it anymore. He is such a tough boy!



Park Play

Playing at the park in beautiful 'COOL' weather. What could be better?



Words Out

I guess it is time too tell you all before these cute ones do....

We are expecting the 5th member of our family in March.


PS...so much for keeping it a secret....I am so bad at keeping secrets.


Beware of...

Yesterday my dad was in town, so the kids and I ventured up to Salt Lake to go swimming with him. There was a storm close, but the lifeguard in me was watching to see if it was at all dangerous. It didn't look to bad (the lightning was still far away), but all of a sudden the water started plopping up really high out of the water. We realized that is was hailing gumball sized hail.
We huddled under a couple of the pool umbrellas to watch what was happening. It was really crazy! One piece of hail pelted me in the elbow and left a small red welt. Yes they really were that big. At one point the hail was dropping so fast and hard, we couldn't here each other talk.

It was a fun adventure and a day I will never forget.

Love, Tamber



Okay, so I found this one photo from our trip. This is when we ate at a little grill at Venice Beach that overlooked the ocean. It made for good people and scenery watching.