Eric and I finally got a vacation all to ourselves. I did have to work a little, but it was nice to have a little break. It was nice to take a nap when I wanted, not change peed under ware, eat at restaurants in peace, etc.
It was a much needed break.

I am sad to say that I didn't take any pictures while we were in Santa Clarita, but this will give you an idea of what we did in our free time (ie...my non working hours)

Watched a little of this....

in our all you can eat seats at Dodger Stadium.

Went to see this movie....

which had to be one of the best I have ever seen.

And rode on a couple of these....

including the one in the picture which was X2 at Magic Mountain.

Of coarse the 5 days went a lot faster than expected and wouldn't have been doable if it weren't for our amazing family who watched the kids while we were gone.



Cute Hair

Emma has been begging me to cut her hair.
She wanted Short hair.
Eric and I both protested for a while because we love her long hair.
The only problem: she never let us brush or take care of it.
So, she had to make a deal to take care of her hair if we let her cut it. It has only been a day, but she has help up the bargain so far.
Here is a picture of her new haircut when she was outside playing with her friend tonight.



Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad's 48th Birthday. If he is that old then that means that I am old too cause I remember as a kid every time I would tell someone how old my dad was they would be surprised at how young he was.

Dad you are amazing. Thanks for being such an example to my family and I. You deserve to have everything you hope and dream of today.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday Dad! (All 15 minutes that are left of it)



Owls Game

The kids love to go to baseball games. Since Marcus was 1 he would say 'owes gme'. Here are some pictures of our family last week when we went to the game.

There are none of Marcus. He was afraid of the owl, otherwise I would have gotten him in that pic too.

I asked Emma to take a picture of Eric and I. Of coarse Marcus wanted to as well. This is Marcus' picture.

And this one is Emma's picture.

Love, Tamber



I love fireworks.

There is just something magical about staring up into the night sky watch large balls of fire explode into something beautiful and remembering what the first fireworks meant to a country that was finally uniting.

It brought more meaning this year taking into consideration two things:

The first being that we sat and watched them on the lawn right outside the temple. What a reminder of the religious freedom that we experience.

The second being that Eric is joining the National Guard. Even though we feel at peace about this decision, lingering in the back of my head were thoughts of possible deployment, long periods of time without Eric and much sacrifice on his part in order to create a better situation for not only his nation, but for his family as well.

God Bless America!



July 4th (kind of) Camping Tradition

A couple of years ago we started a tradition of going camping on the 4th of July. This year we went on the night of the 2nd. After driving the entire Alpine Loop looking an empty camping site, I decided to just go back to the same camp site we had two years ago. We went to Hope Campground up Provo Canyon. It is just of Squaw Peak Road which means it is only about 20-30 minutes from our house.

Not only do we enjoy the camping aspect of this tradition, but the fact that we get to enjoy time with our friends the Koellikers makes it an even better time. In my opinion the best part about camping is staying up late laughing around the campfire. Especially when Eric makes Rob laugh while Rob is eating a roasted Marshmallow...haha.

Rob and Erin...Thank You for the good times, Let's do it again next year.



Baloon Fest '10

One of our favorite 4th of July Activites to do together is the Balloon Fest in Provo. The kids love to watch the balloons blow up and race. This year they didn't actually lift off because the wind levels were too high. The kids still enjoyed it though.



Girls Night

Tawni and I got to have Girls Night and go to the Premiere Party for Eclipse. Even though we are not avid fans, we went to have fun and we did. Here is a picture of us before the movie waiting to win something (Tawni won Bella perfume from Mary Kay which she had thought about spending the money to buy...Lucky her!)

Love, Tamber