Happy Birthday Trace

I just wanted to tell my little brother Trace Happy Birthday. He is twenty today. I can't believe how old he is. He was in Junior High when I left home. He has always been a fun brother, amazing uncle and great friend.

This picture makes me laugh cause he looks so famous. Well, he kinda is. He has a great band called YKK. You can check out his music here.

Happy Birthday Trace! I love you and I am very proud of you!



Eric...Rockin It!

Eric's Work is having a Rock Band Themed Fitness Competition. Thankfully his Dad works at the same company, otherwise I might not have ever seen these treasures...

Yep...That is Eric with the Trumpet.
Love, Tamber


Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh

Those are words that we have been hearing a lot around here lately. This is Emma listening to her new favorite Artist....

First it was Miley Cyrus, then Taylor Swift, and now Justin Bieber.


My Little Mermaid.

This is Emma...

She loves the water just like her mom.

She was in the bath washing her hair the other day and she told me that she loves to go under water and just listen. I don't blame her...
I am the same way.

PS...she didn't even know that I took these pictures cause she had her eyes closed the entire time and was so absorbed into what she was doing.



Playing Together

I love it when my kids wake up and are both in good moods and want to play with each other. Emma tends to be a little bit annoyed by her brother in the mornings when she doesn't get enough sleep, especially because he is always ready to play hard. His mind is always running a million miles an hour thinking of things that he can do to entertain us all.

Here are some pictures on a rare occasion of them getting along in the morning, laying next to each other and just laughing.



Spa Fun

I bought these water guns a while back at the $1 store. The kids have been begging me to play with them, so on Saturday we went and played in the spa. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree considering these kids love to swim.

Love, Tamber



We love and anticipate our Birthday's when we get to go to Tucano's for Lunch. It is a fairly pricey restaurant, so we don't get to go there often, but It is by far the family favorite. On Saturday we were able to go and celebrate my birthday. Here are some pics of my cute family.

Love, Tamber


A new habit

I wish that I could make this a new habit of mine as well. Marcus' new habit is to check the dishwasher every time he goes by. If he knows that the dishes are clean and they are done, then he will empty the dishes out. By emptying I don't mean putting them away, but he at least helps by unloading them all onto the kitchen counter. I love this kid and thank goodness he loves to help me.

Love, Tamber


Happy Mother's Day!

To me, Mother's Day takes on many different meanings. Not only do I get celebrated by my sweet children, but I get to celebrate the many women in my life who have been examples to me.

I know that I am so blessed to be a Mother of the amazing children that I have. I Love them so much and I thank God everyday for their health and happiness. I am also grateful to my Heavenly Father for the gift of Motherhood. Even though it has been the hardest callings that I have taken on, it has also been the most rewarding. I know that I couldn't do it without his personal guidance.

My entire life I have been grateful for my Grandmother. She has been and amazing spiritual example for me. She has had so many trials in her life and continues to remain strong in her faith. Happy Mother's Day Grandma!

And Most of all, I get to celebrate my Mother. I have been so blessed to have a mom in my life that has been an example is so many ways. She has so much strength and courage. She has always taught me to push through trials and come out stronger. And most of all she has shared her amazing Love with me. Thank You mom for being such an amazing example to me.
Happy Mother's day!
I am also lucky to have a wonderful Step mom and Mother in Law. Unfortunately I not taken a picture with either of them. I want them to know that I am grateful for them and their friendships in my more recent life.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

Cravings Fulfilled,


Sliding at Home.

I dont think anyone actually taught Marcus how to do this, but he caught on and learned how to slide. And since he is always playing baseball in the living room, he slides on the hardwood floor.
Here is a video...

Love, Tamber



I was reminded today of how blessed I am. It boggles my human mind how many times in life I have to open my heart to see those blessings. The ones that the eyes can't see. Isn't it true that when you open your eyes to see your blessings you see the material; your house, your car, your food, everything that helps support your physical being. When you open your heart looking for blessings, you see the many gifts that God has given you to make you stronger; your family, your faith, your trials, your struggles, and so much more.

Lately I have been feeling sorry for myself. Not that I have a bad life, because in many ways I am happier than I ever have been. But because life has taken a different track than I thought it would take. I thought by now my husband would be done with school and have a career for life. I guess it is easy to dream of the easy way that life could take you, but when life took the harder road, it threw me for a loop. I had hoped to be in our own home by now, not having to work. Being able to stay at home with my kids, not feeling like I am juggling them to and fro.

One thing that I love is to watch the Mormon Messages on You Tube. They always give me a spiritual lift when I need one. The most recent one is called 'My New Life'.

It is a story of a women, Stephanie Nielsen's, who was in a serious plane crash a couple of years ago. After spending 3 months in a coma, she documented her recovery through her blog The NieNie Dialogue. I have been following her since that time. She writes so eloquently about her struggles through life and recovery as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Toward the end of the the message 'My New Life' there is a quote from President Monson where he says...
"When suffering we may in fact be nearer to God then we've ever been in our entire lives. That knowledge can turn every such situation into a would be temple. Regarding our earthly journey the Lord has promised...
'I will go before your face, I will be on your right hand and on your left, my spirit shall be in your hearts and mine angles round about you to bear you up.'
That is an everlasting declaration of God's Love and care for us. Including and perhaps especially in times of trouble. "

That was a quote that I needed to hear. I do feel closer to God now, during these times of trouble, than I ever have before. I guess I needed to be reminded of the Lord's personal promise to me. He is in my heart. His angles are round about me, especially in times of trouble.

Love, Tamber


Summer Fun...Kind of.

My kids have been begging for me to take them swimming at a pool, but it is still a little early for that, so I let them (amid the showers outside the other morning) shower in their swim suits. Here are some pics.

Love, Tamber


My first project feature...

I was featured at the Sunday Showcase Party....

My first feature ever. To see my project that she loved on my Colorful Cravings Blog, click here.

Thanks Stephanie Lynn

P.S. I am trying to build my followers,
I will love you forever if you will support my Crafting Blog Colorful Cravings.
(not that I don't already love you all)

Love, Tamber