We had the chance to go camping in southern Utah this weekend. We went with a group of about 15 adults and 6 kids from Eric's side of the family. Our family had a lot of fun. It was Emma's first real camping trip. We went once last year, but she doesnt really remember it. This time she had a lot of frineds that she could run around and get dirty with. We went south near Richfield to a place near Fish Lake. I was a little distrought at first when I discovered that camp fires were banned because I didnt know how I could live without smore's on a camping trip. By the end of the weekend I was discovering that even though I smelt really bad it was quite nice not to smell like a camp fire.
Even though the trip was fun, there isn't anything more divine than coming home from camping and taking a shower and sleeping in your own bed.

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party

I know it sounds ridiculous to throw
your 2 year old a party, but I think It was more for me than it was for her. I'm sure that she has forgotten about the party now, but it was fun while it lasted. We held the party at a park near our house and invited all of her Friends. I made the mistake of not reserving the park picnic tables and of coarse they were reserved when we got there. So, we improvised and used blankets and had the party and lunch picnic style. The theme of the party was "Nemo". I attempted to decorate a Nemo cake which you see above, I guess as long as she knew what it was it was all okay. She had a lot of fun playing with her friends and opening presents early (while her friends were not looking). All in all, it was a long day and we survived. I guess that is all that mattered. Thanks to all that came to have fun with Emma.

Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone. Hopefully creating a blog will help all of our frineds and family keep up with us. I find it hard to email or call everyone that I would like to stay in touch with. I can only imagine that once we have another child it will only get more difficult.

We are currently still living in our Orem condo. We love it here. It is such a great place to start a family because of all of the friendly people that we have around us. Emma has about 5 friends that live within 50 feet of our front door. It is fun for her to be able to run around on a regular basis with them.

Eric is still working at Nuskin which seems to work out great becuase he has a lot of extra time to do homework when he is in school. He is also working at Papa Johns for the summer to bring in some extra cash while I am not working.

I am just patiently waiting, and counting down each week that I get closer to October 11th. That is my due date for our baby boy. Dont ask what his name is, cause we dont know yet. We probably wont know until we have to know. I have to say I am a very lucky women though, becasue I have not been sick at all with this pregnancy, only a little tired, but that could be becasue of the Hottest Summer in Utah history. Of coarse I couldnt make it easy and plan having this baby before the summer. Oh well.

Thats all for now.