Sleeping beauties

My two beautiful children feel asleep together this morning. It was such a cute little picture with Emma's arm wrapped around marcus I knew that I needed to take a picture and show you all.

Christmas Cookies..Sugar High

The other day I was feeling ambitious and thought that I would make some sugar cookies for Emma and her friends to make. It was a disaster....way too much work, made a mess, the cookies turned out good though. Emma was on a sugar high for the next couple of days. I had too freeze half of the dough because I was sick of decorating cookies.....I wonder if that dough will ever be used again.

Christmas Party at Gilespe House

Here are a couple of videos from Eric's Friends Christmas Party. It was pretty funny. Everyone except me and the kids went out and bought about $300 worth of food at Wendy's off of the doller menu and then they took it down to the homeless shetler and fed the homeless. They also took hot chocolate and handed it out. It was very nice of them. Afterward they come back to Gilespe house and ate food and did a white elephant party. It was a blast. But how could you not have fun with those guys and all of their wives.

When this was happening, and Eric's friends lifted him on their shoulders, Emma freaked out and started screaming, it was quite sad.

This was funny. Jenny really wanted the Nuskin stuff for her Birthday. Happy Birthday Jenny.


August Rush

Last night I went to the movies with some of my friends. We saw August Rush, the new movie on the little kid who becomes a composer. I loved it. There are not as many movies these days that I LOVE, but this was one of them. I came out of the movie feeling so uplifted. You all should go see it.


Marcus Smiling

Here is a video of Marcus smiling...he is so funny. He is starting to laugh when he smiles.

Weight Loss

So a couple of weeks ago my friends and I started a weight loss challenge. We all decided instead of just talking about the weight that we wanted to lose, that we would actually try and help each other lose the weight. So for the last month, we have all been working out together and trying to encourage each other to each heathily. We had our first weight in yesterday. Each month the prize is $20 ($5 from each of the other peopl) and the final 6 month prize os going to be $80 ($20 from each of the others). I didnt win this month, but I did lose 7.5 lbs, which I felt was great. I hope that I can keep those numbers up. If I can average 7 lbs per month, then I will reach my goal weight by the end of the 6 months. Anyways, I thought I would post all this info so that I would be held accountable to even more people.

Marcus Smiling

Here are some pics of Marcus smiling the other night. I think it is just the cutest thing...what do you think?

Marcus Smiling

Here are some pics of Marcus smiling the other night. I think it is just the cutest thing...what do you think?

Marcus' Baby Blessing

We had Marcus' Baby Blessing on Sunday Nov. 25th after church (they dont let you bless a baby at church unless it is fast sunday now). My family was all in town from California, and then we had dinner at our house afteward. Here are some pics of the blessing boy.

Christmas Tree

Here are some pictures of Emma decorating our Christmas tree. We did it while we were at home watching the BYU vs Utah Football Game. Now the key is to keep her away from the ornaments.


When my family was in town for Marcus' baby blessing we had the chance to go bowling with my Dad and Misty. Emma had a lot of fun with Grandpa and Grandma, here are some pics.

Thanksgiving Tradition

So every year around Thanksgiving time Eric and his friends get together to watch two movies : PTA (Plains, Trains and Automobiles) and Dutch. They planned their get together for Nov. 19th. We were able to go see Brad, Ellen, Vic and Alice for the first time in a while. Eric and the boys watched their movies, the kids all played while Ellen andI caught up on a lot of things. Here are some pictures of the kids all having way too much fun.