Happy Halloween

Here are some pictures from Halloween. Emma was Tinkerbell (we forgot to put her wings on for the pictures) and Marcus was Elmo. It would have been more fun of a day if Emma didnt have the flu.


Taken by yours truley

I guess Marcus was playing with my camera at some point. He took these pictures of himself for me.

Love, Tamber


Gone for now.

My little brother Trace went into the MTC today. I just got back from dropping him off. I didn't like the way we had to part, but at least I got to give him a hug bye. Because of swine flu, they don't let you go inside with them, so we thought...we would just park across the street and walk over and say bye. Well, they werent letting anyone walk in to say bye becasue of swine flu and he had already checked in, so he couldnt walk out of the parking lot. Luckily the old guy working the gate felt bad and walked us over to give him a hug and take a quick picture. We didnt get as many pics as we had hoped, but here are the ones we got. If you want to follow Trace's mission you can do so at his blog.

Love, Tamber


This picture pretty much describes how we have been feeling at our house....tired.
Love, Tamber


Simple Project for a Snowy day

I have had this project on my list for quite some time. The only problem is that I don't have a sewing machine. Well, I finally have one thanks to my dad's wife Misty. She gave me her old one that she didn't need anymore, so here is the finished crayon roll. I found the directions at Chocolate on my Cranium.

Love, Tamber



Farwell Party

Here are some pictures of our family at the BBQ for Trace the other night.

Love, Tamber


Farwell cakes

Four more days and counting until my little brother leaves on his mission. Tonight we had a family BBQ for him with all of our family in Salt Lake. I was in charge of the dessert. I made a missionary shirt cake and a PB Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (requested by my brother). They both turned out great and the PB Cake was A-MAZ-ING...I got the recipe from here. It is a cake I will use again for sure.

Love, Tamber


Bath jumping

Marcus loves to laugh and jump in the bath. The other day I had to use 4 towels to clean up his mess from all the splashing.

Bath Fall

Marcus loves to play in the bath. Here is a video of him trying to jump into the bath, except he fell onto the floor. Dont think I am an evil mother for putting this up, he was fine and got right back into the bath and started jumping again. I will put another one up later of him jumping and actually making it into the bath.


Cap love.

One of my kids favorite toys is a BYU swim cap. They love to put it on and get into the bath and pretend that they are swimming. Here are some pictures from bath time last night when they were playing.

Love, Tamber



I have had some health issues that have forced me to exercise inside lately. The kids love it. They think it is a game. I love how Marcus is continually watching Emma to see what she does.

Love, Tamber


Halloween Treats and Yummy Food

Do these sweet treats look Yummy?!? Then check out my food blog over the next week to find out how to make them. Here are some more things that you will find this week....

Love, Tamber

Crazy Friday

Friday was a crazy day. I had to work in the morning and then rush home becasue I was watching my neighbors kids. She was in the hospital with their baby who was sick. Then on the way home I had to call 911 because I saw a car hit a biker. That was a first. I was a little panicked...next time I hope I can stay a little more calm. Then I got home and had to rush one of my neighbors kids to school. On the way to the school he told me he didnt eat yet, so I gave him a granola bar. Then I rushed home to watch the kids.

When I got home I had hives all over. I think I am literally allergic to the cold since I only get them when I was cold outside. So I wanted to get into the shower real quick to help get rid of the hives since that is the only thing that works quickly. So I put a movie on for the kids and then jumped in the shower. Mid shower I hear Emma saying "Mom, Marcus and Mea got into the eggs". So I start rushing to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I come out in my towel and see this.....Oh, and these were not the only ones. This was 2 out of the 9 that they smashed on the ground. I cleaned up the mess and then finally was able to take a breath. What a crazy morning that was. I hope that doesnt happen again for a while.

To solve Marcus' issue with getting into the fridge often, I didnt know what to do. He has gotten into the eggs multiple times lately. I was complaining to Eric about How I had moved them to the back of the fridge, covered them and he always seems to get them out. Eric says "why dont you put them in the bottom drawer?" Duh Tamber...simple solution. I dont know why I didnt think of it. Out bottom drawer is hard to get open. Problem solved.

Love, Tamber



I am starting a little project for a Christmas present. I always try and make the kids at least one present for Christmas. This is the one that I am working on for this year. It is a fabric house that slips right over the table. The kids LOVE to pretend house, so I figured that I would make it easier for clean up than them hanging blankets over the table.

This is not my picture. I am not that amazing, but this is the pattern that I am using. I found the picture here. Hopefully she will give more details when she gets done. She is amazing at crafts.

Love, Tamber


Conference Weekend

We Love General Conference Weekend in our family. I especially love it when it is raining outside and I can curl up with a blanket on the couch and enjoy talks that motivate me to be a better person.

One bad thing about the weekend is that I dont get any of my cleaning or shopping done. We encourage the kids to play in their room while we were watching conference and this is what happened to their room....

I am not looking forward to helping the kids clean up that mess. I think Marcus got into absolutely everything that he possibly could have. This wasnt the only room in the house that was wrecked.

We did also make a little treat tonight. Check it out on my cooking blog. It was delicious. It was a Pumpkin Pie swirled Brownie Tart....yummy. I am enjoying it as we speak.

Love, Tamber


Miley Cyrus Concert

Tuesday night Emma and I went to the Miley Cyrus concert. She got the tickets for her Birthday. This has been something that we have been looking forward to for about 3 months. We had a blast even though Miley got sick. She came out and sang 2 songs...then at the beginning of the 3rd she ran off stage looking very sick. They came out and said that she was throwing up and would hopefully be able to continue the show in 5 mintues....that is what they did. Emma didnt seem to mind. The only thing Emma didnt like was the fact that she had to leave the concert. She wanted to stay and was crying when we left. You can see the last picture was taken at the end of the concert...that is Emma's grumpy face.
Emma on the way to the trax station in her Miley outfit.
Emma and I on the train.
Before the concert, when Metro station was playing.
Emma waving her light that we got her at the concert.
The opening song.
Miley after she broke out of the ice cube.

Emma waving her light again...she loves that thing.
Emma's grumpy face. We had a blast.

Love, Tamber