Happy Birthday My Dear Husband!!!

Today is Eric's 27th Birthday. The funny thing about it was that he didnt even know that he was turning 27. He asked me how old he was turning and I told him 27, and he didnt believe me. He told me that he was sure that he was only 26...then he paused and counted in his head. "Oh wow, your right, I didnt think I was that old", he said. Then I asked him why 27 sounded so much older than 26 and he said "Because it is that much closer to 30." Anyways, I think he is one year wiser, one year more handsome and one year a better husband and father. That makes me the lucky one of this special day. Happy Birthday Honey!


Happy Baby

Here is some video of Marcus and how happy he is. He is always like this. I couldnt be any luckier.

Marcus Rolling Over

Here is a video of Marcus Rolling Over. He is getting so good at it. He even looks like he is getting his knees under himself so well like he is trying to crawl. He is only 3 months....Emma didnt roll until 5 months.


Weight Loss

Since the second week in November I have been trying to loose weight. As of today I have lost a total of 15 lbs......30 more to go until my goal.


Christmas....I know it was a while ago

We had a wonderful Christmas. We stayed at home with the kids and opened presents in the morning. Then we went up to Salt Lake to see Eric's Grandpa and Mom. After we visited with them we went over to Erics dad's house and ate dinner, did puzzles and enjoyed good company. Here are some pictures from Christmas day....sorry it took so long, but we left for Puerto Rico on the 27th and I was so busy packing that I didnt have time to put them up.

Marcus on the Beach

Here are some funny picture of Marcus. We were staying right across the street form the beach, so when we went to the beach we would see all of the swimmer girls there. Eric and I wanted to swim out to the Bouy's and back, so we asked some of the girls to watch Marcus and Emma. One of the girls on the team loves to squeeze marcus' cheeks, and when we were on our trip home I found these pictures (that I am assuming) she had taken. It is kind of funny...he just keeps smiling. I swear that you cant do anything to make this kid sad. He is the happiest thing in the world.

Family Time in Puerto Rico

While we were in Puerto Rico with the swim team we had a little time to go out on our own a couple of times, which was very nice. I enjoyed spending time with my husband (who has been so busy with school and work) and kids. We went to some really good places to eat.

The Rain Forest

While we were in Puerto Rico we were able to drive about 45 min. and go visit the Rain Forest. If was so beautiful. It is amazing how close the ocean and the rain forest were, two beautiful piece of land and two different climates only 30 minutes apart. We hiked about 30 min up to some waterfalls. The swimmers (and Eric) went swimming in the waterfall pools. The only reason I didnt is because it was a little cold and Marcus needed someone to hold him.

Emmas first BIG vacation

This was Emma's first big vacation. She had a lot of fun. It was kind of funny, she would ask to go to the Beach and when we would get there she would be so afraid of the ocean (mainly the waves) that she wouldnt even want to play in them. Finally by the last day that we were there I got her comfortable enough to come play in the ocean with me and run away from the waves. It was a lot of fun to get her familiar with the ocean. I am sure that we will be there many times in the future. These are some pictures of Emma while we were in puerto Rico.


Here are some pictures of the landscape from Puetro Rico. It was a very beautiful place. Everything was very Green and Lush. Eric and I went for a drive one day and found some very beautiful places on the island. There were quite a few interesting things about puerto rico though...if you ever go there, dont rent a 15 passenger van...there is no where to park and the roads are so small, you feel like you are taking up like 3 lanes. Also, all of the housing is coevered in bars. It was very interesting, because we didnt see much crime or signs of crime, but everything was locked up.

Puerto Rico

We had the chance to go to Puerto Rico this last week with the swim team. We were gone from Dec. 27th till Jan 5th. Every year when the swim team trains for CHrismas break they try and take them somewhere warm. The last couple of years it has been in So. Cal, but we were lucky this year. Eric and I were not suppose to go, but they had enough tickets and BYU was able to pay for Emma, so we decided on Dec. 10th to go. It was so much fun. I have so many pictures, so I thought that I would do a couple of posts about it. These pics are from a fort called El Morro in Old San Juan. It was very cool looking and had some very interesting history.