Best Friends

I am so glad that my kids truly are best friends. Most of the time they play so well together. Today I was very grateful for that. I have had a cold the last couple of days and today my kids were stuck inside most of the day together. That meant that there was a lot of playing in their room together. They found a box and had fun posing for picture for me while they tried to squeeze in together.

Do you like how Marcus squints now in all the pictures that I take of him? I think that is how he poses for the camera.
Love, Tamber


Grandma Sue

Eric's mom came to visit last night. The kids were excited to see her. They had fun playing outside last night with her to show her all of their new toys. I dont have any pictures of Grandma Sue and the kids, so I thought I would take a couple.

Grandma and the kids.
Grandma and the kids...Marcus is just blanked out here...haha...I wonder what he is thinking about.
Emma and Grandma.
Grandma looking at Emma's new bike.

Emma and Marcus showing grandma how they ride their bikes.

Love, Tamber


Nothing special today. Letter F is funky and I couldn't think of anything Fun. Oh well. At least she knows the letter exists. Emma loves coloring in a rainbow patter if you haven't noticed already.

Love, Tamber



Thursday we had a family day that all enjoyed. After going to the temple open house we decided to go to the Owlz baseball game. The whole time in the temple Marcus kept saying 'bes-ball game night'. He loved it. It will have to be something that we do again cause the kids loved it.

Eric and Marcus on his shoulders.
Marcus at the game with his new mini bat.
Emma and Eric
me and marcus.

Emma, me and marcus
me and marcus
Emma and Hootz the owl.
Emma sticking her tounge out.
Emma smiling this time.

Love, Tamber

C is for crafty...

Emma had to be extra crafty on this project. Well, I guess for someone her age. I didnt even let the little one do this, cause I was afraid of him making a mess. I am afraid of him thinking that the alphabet goes straight from B to D. Oh well, cant do anything about it now. Emma really liked doing this. All I did was cut some tissue paper into small pieces, outline the letter and put glue all over the inside of the 'C'. Then she placed them where she wanted.

Love, Tamber


Temple open house

Yesterday we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house. It is a beautiful temple. The kids really enjoyed going inside. Here are some pictures from from our outing...

Love, Tamber


Swim Lessons

Most of you know that I have taught swim lessons in the past. I still teach every once in a while for friends. Emma will not listen to me, so I figured I would put her in the local community swim lessons and see how she did. She went from being afraid of getting in the water to swimming 5-10 strokes straight without touching the bottom of the pool or lifting her head. She made enough progress that I think that I can help her out with the rest.

Today was her last day of swim lessons and she did great.

Emma before getting in.

Emma getting out of the pool after the lessons.

Emma and her class searching for rings on the bottom of the pool.

Emma looking for the rings on the bottom.

Love, Tamber

B is for B_____.

B is for....

We were running out of time in our day and I realized I hadn't thought of anything yet. So, this is what I drew up for Emma. She still loved it. The only thing that I would have changed was that I drew B is for Berries, and Emma kept saying they were B is for Strawberries or B is for grapes (apparently my attempt at a raspberry looked like grapes. ) Oh well, I will be more careful about that in the future.

Love, Tamber



Today the kids and I went on a hike with some of our neighbors. Eric was at an interview, so I decided to try and find something to entertain the kids. We went up to Payson Canyon and hiked up Grotto Trail. It was a perfect hike for the kids. Not to long, in fact Marcus hiked the whole way back. They enjoyed playing in the waterfall and pond at the end. We liked it so much that we are going to go camping up Payson canyon next weekend and go on the hike again with Eric. Here are some pics from the hike...

Me and the kids.
The kids and I.
Emma climbing on the trail.
My friends hanging out at the pond/waterfall.
Marcus watching the waterfall.
Marcus loving the waterfall.
Our neighbor climbed to the top of the waterfall.
Emma forcing Marcus to take a picture.
The kids and I on one of the switch backs over the river. There were many crossing over the river. The kids really liked that part.
Emma crossing all by herself.
At the beginning of the trail.
Marcus and I.

Love, Tamber


Fun night

Last night we had a fun night. We went up to Salt Lake for Eric's softball game and then we headed up to one of the team members families house to go swimming. The kids had so much fun. Both of my kids love to swim. Marcus is an animal int he pool, he just cant swim by himself yet. He always wants to jump to you from the side. Last night he wanted to go off the diving board. Here are some pics from last night and a video of him going off the diving board.

Eric and the kids.

Marcus at the softball game.

I think it is funny how he doesn't even hesitate. this truly was the first time that he jumped off...the kid has no fear. Emma wouldn't even do it with a life jacket on.

Love, Tamber

A is for Alligator.

I decided that this summer I needed to plan some preschool activities for the kids. So, I am going to post our preschool...letter A through Z and maybe some things in between. Here is our first activity. A is for Alligator. I dont know if you can tell on the second sheet of paper, but it is supposed to be an A that looks like an alligator. Emma and Marcus both enjoyed coloring.

Love, Tamber


Basketball Playtime

Tonight I am thankful for a loving husband and father. I couldn't ask for someone who is more loving and supportive of my children. He loves to play with them at night before bedtime. Tonight they had a little game of basketball. Emma was learning how to rebound when Marcus did miss the hoop. I think I have a little natural athlete on my hands with Marcus. He has a natural baseball swing, soccer kick and basketball shot. I got some video of him running around chasing the ball.

He also loves to 'football tackle'. It is his favorite thing to do with daddy. Poor Eric gets waken up by football tackles every morning and his with no compassion every time Marcus is bored or wants to just play.

This is a shot of Marcus shooting the ball. He nailed this shot from a couple of feet away. He is even bending his knees. Pretty good for a 21 month old.

Here is a shot that I took when the ball was rebounding right off the backboard to Marcus.

Here is some video of Marcus chasing after the basketball, missing a few shots and then finally making one.


Here are some pictures from this past week. We went swimming at the Scera pool and played outside a lot. Marcus loves swimming. He has no fear. Yesterday I actually had to save him. We were all sitting in the spa at our Condo pool. Marcus decided that he would hop out of the spa and run and jump into the other pool where he cannot touch the bottom. He was probably floating there for about 6 seconds before I grabbed him. I was choking a lot when he came up, but ended up being okay. It freaked him out, but apparently not him, cause he tried to do the same thing again into the spa the second I set him down.
The rest of these pictures are of the kids climbing outside by our house. They love playing outside with their friends during the summer time.

Love, Tamber