Easter Festivities

Between wearing their new Easter Outfits, dying eggs, going on egg hunts, and dressing up like bunnies our little ones got a lot of Easter action this last weekend. Luckily I caught a couple of the fun moments on my camera.

Love, Tamber


Egg fever.

Last week some friends of ours came over for an Easter Egg hunt. I love how the simple things in life really change the entire week of a child. The kids looked forward to this until the day our friends came.



Our not so exciting everyday...

Most people would not consider our everyday life that exciting, but we sure love it. With Eric working two jobs and being gone a little more I cannot even express how nice it is to have 2 kids old enough to help me with the baby. Both of the kids will help feed her or give her a binky. Emma can go get her for me, burp her and even helps change diapers. They are both so willing to help.

One morning I came our of my room and I found these two cuddled on the couch watching cartoons.

I love how babies sleep with their legs all curled up...it is so precious.

Like I said....look at all this help.

Love, Tamber


First Bath at Home

Emma and Marcus love to help with anything that involves Lilly. This was the first bath that we gave Lilly at home. Emma thought it was weird that she got to bathe in the sink. I love having my two helpers around to help with Lilly.

She wasn't too fond of the bath this time around, but Im sure that she will learn to love the water like my other kids.
Love, Tamber



It seems like our family in Utah continues to grow. Eric's dad has lived in Salt Lake since we have gotten married. It is nice to have someone that enjoys spending time with the kids live so close to us. Here are some pics of Grandpa and his newest granddaughter.



General Conference.

General Conference Weekend is always a relaxing one around our house. We try not to schedule anything else during the weekend so that we can enjoy time at home listening to all of the sessions. Here are some pictures of the family over the weekend.

Doing their conference coloring packets...

Love, Tamber


2 weeks.

Everyday she becomes a little more aware of what is going on around her.

Here are some things that I have noticed about her personality:

She is very calm.

She likes to observe what is going on around her.

She is somewhat serious (I say somewhat because I can't tell if she just can't smile yet or not....she might be less serious in the coming weeks if she learns to smile).

She is very content unless you are changing her clothes....

She likes to be bundled up and snuggled with.

Love, Tamber



We have had a couple week of relaxing here at our house. Recovery is taking a little longer than planned. Emma and Marcus are really enjoying their new little sister. We have spent lots of hours cuddling up on the couch. When we are not fighting over the space (since we now have a hard time all fitting comfortably on the couch) we spend our time staring at our new perfect addition.

Here are some pictures of the McAllister trio.

Love, Tamber