Love is in the Air

Well, it is February again, and Love is in the Air. I dont normally get into Valentines Day, but there is something about my husband lately that has me thinking of doing something more than just stay at home and watch a romantic movie. We have truly developed a best friend relationship over the years, and I am amazed at how we continue to love each other more, more willingly sacrifice for the other, learn more about each other, etc.

One thing that I love is going on dates with my husband. We dont get to go out every week like we would love, but we try to get out a couple times a month. Last night we went to the BYU basketball game and then enjoyed a strawberry shake. It was nice to do something together that we use to do all the time before we had kids. Oh how I love me a good college basketball game.

I was browsing the web today and ran into a couple of places with great date ideas. I am always up for new ideas, so I figured I would share some links...hope you enjoy (especially with valentines day right around the corner).

Love Actually - If you click on the ideas tab, that is where you will find her date ideas.

52 Dates - This couple actually tried to do 52 Different dates in a year on a $60 budget, not $60/date, but for the entire year, so if you are looking for inexpensive ideas, check this out. (WARNING : some ideas are somewhat cheesy)

Love, Tamber


Sick of the cold....

I think this picture sums of the feelings of my kids lately. Always waiting for friends to come over or asking to go outside. I found Marcus peeking outside cause he 'heard someone playing'. I love his little unders (which we are still working on keeping clean) and Emma's hat that he is wearing.

Love, Tamber



I know I haven't posted a lot about our little family lately. It seems like not much has happened worthy of posting, but life has been happening.

We are trying to get our condo ready to sale, which take time. I have been patching holes, replacing faucets, touching up paint, cleaning (a lot) and boxing up stuff that we dont need. We are hoping to find a house in Orem that we can afford, but it all depends on what we get out of our condo, so wish us luck.

Last weekend we spent with my family. My grandmother's husband, Darrell passed away last week. My dad was able to come into town and spend time with his family. It was so good to see him.

Other than that, we have been busy doing a lot of little things...enjoying BYU's awesome basketball team this year, enjoying two nights a week at the stake center for Tamber and Eric's Ward games, working, changing our eating lifestyle (hopefully it can continue that long where it becomes a lifestyle change), and of coarse keeping up with our kids.

So, it may not seem like a lot has happened lately, but we have been very busy enjoying out wonderful life.

Love, Tamber


Go to Stores for Home Decor/Remodeling

Okay, since it is on my mind. Yes, I have continued looking at house stuff, here is a great resource. I love this blog. It is done by a young couple that does everything in the least expensive way. It is called Young House Love.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I think my favorite resource is where to find rugs. Overstock has any style of rug you can think of for less than you could find at your local store.

Love, Tamber


My Fav

As most young couples do, we have been dreaming about having a larger home. As of today I really wished that we had already sold our Condo. Not that we really have immediate plans to, but in the near future (Hopefully this spring or summer) we would like to sale our Condo so that we can find a house that would better accommodate our family.

Part of the dreaming I do is looking on different blogs and bookmarking ideas that I want to remember when we have a space to decorate (and the money). Today I got an email from a relator who sent me a property in Pleasant Grove that was almost 3,000 sq. ft. and 130,000. There were lots of pictures and seemed like a place I could live and make my own. Too bad we werent ready to move now...haha.

Here are some of the things that make me smile in hopes that one day I get to do projects like these.

Homemade wall art that costs $20 to make.
It might cost you a little more than $20, but if you check DI, or a thrift store for the door mat first, you might just get lucky.

A Hanging Laundry air dryer.

A $60 knock-off Pottery Barn (originally $600) Storage Shelves for a playroom....Made by one of my new favorite blogs.

I love this room for a little girl. Simple, but sweet.

Love, Tamber


Emma Singing

For Christmas Emma got a microphone ('that really works' as she says). We hook up the iPod to it and she loves to sing Miley Cyrus Songs and pretend concert. Her is a video of her singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. ( Dont mind the camera shaking every 9 seconds, I had the hicups while filming this.)


My new year's resolution is to

The word savor means...To appreciate fully; enjoy or relish

I know, the first thing that comes to your mind is food. I don't want to just savor food, but life. I figured I would make it simple this year and try and base everything that I do off of one word.
Savor my workouts
Savor the right foods
Savor the spirit.
most importantly
Savor my children, husband, family and our experiences.

Love, Tamber


San DiegoTrip

We took a trip to San Diego this year with the swim team. We had a great time with the kids. We went to many beaches, sea world, went to see the temple, and much more. We wish that Eric could have been there the whole trip, but at least he got to come down for a little while.

Sea World...Shamu Show

Torrey Pines Golf Coarse.

emma's picture of Eric.

Love, Tamber


Ice Skating

We took our kids ice skating for the first time the other night. Our friend Ashleigh was celebrating her birthday and invited all of us to go. The kids loved it when their pro ice skating dad took them for a 'fast' ride. Here are some pictures from the adventure.

Love, Tamber
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