Christmas Evening

Marcus with the remote. He always seems to find it, no matter who's house we are at.

Emma pushing Marcus in an antique stroller.

Marcus loving Emma pushing him.

Eric and Marcus saying 'cheese' at Grandma Sue's house.

Marcus giving one of his not so normal faces.

Love, Tamber


Christmas Pictures

This is Will, Marcus and Emma's cousin. This is when we were at Eric's Mom's house opening gifts.

Will playing with Emma's Gifts.

Cortney (Eric's Brother) and Amy (Cort's wife) at Sue's house.

Emma with her Tinkerbell outfit on. Dont ask me what the pose is suppose to mean.

Love, Tamber


Car Mat

I worked on this car mat for a while as well. I remember having one of these as a kid and it was one of my favorite presents. I wanted to make one for my kids that I could personalize. So, I put the BYU football Stadium on it, a swimming pool, walmart, an LDS Church, a gas station and a couple of houses. The kids love it and love driving their cars on it.

Love, Tamber


Drive to California

After we went to St. George, we had to finish the drive to Ontario, CA. And what a drive it was. We didnt leave St. George until 3 pm. Stopped in Vegas for dinner at the food court at the Luxor. Emma loved seeing the lights on the huge building. Then, we stopped right outside of Vegas and in Primm looking for baby Tylanol, finally finding it it Primm. Then we had to make a long stop in Baker due to Marcus throwing up twice and Eric feeling sick.

The Swim Team should arrive later this evening, and hopefully we will have a good Christmas Training.

Love, Tamber

St.. George

Tiffany, Grandma and BJ taking a Jello Shot

Brooke, BJ and Shaw
Grandpa Tim trying to hold Marcus still for just a second to take a picture....that didnt work.

The kids opening presents from family

Friday afternoon we drove down to St. George to spend some time with my dad and Misty and all of my dad's family. It was good to see you all. Emma and Marcus had fun hiding from Grandpa Tim and running away from him. We had fun playing the gift exchange game with the whole family, and then playing Movie Scene It. As you can tell from the pictures above, Marcus had a blast.
Love, Tamber

Birthday Calendar

I didn't want to post this until I gave it to my grandma. I spent a lot of time on this gift, painting it, looking for the right pieces, getting the writing the way I wanted it and so much more. I think that it turned out so well. My grandma loved it which even adds to how it turned out.

Love, Tamber


Merry Christmas!!!

Santa had a great time at our house last night. We are very lucky. He spent 3 hours putting Emma's kitchen together. He was quite mad that the elves didn't pre-assemble it. He was there until 3 AM! Crazy I know. Here are some pictures of the kids opening the presents. I was really suprised with Marcus. At this age, Emma couldn't and wansn't interested in opening the presents. Marcus was totally into it. He had to take every scrap of wrapping paper off of everyone's presents. He loves his little people toys from Santa and Grandma Terre.

I wanted to also with my family, eric's family and all of our friends wherever you might be on this Christmas a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! We love Christmas because that means that we get to spend so much time with our family. We hope that you all enjoy your time with loved ones as well.

Love, Tamber


Santa Pancakes

I think we decided to make our breakfast a tradition on Christmas Eve Morning. I made Santa Clause pancakes. Emma loved it. Especially right after opening her advent calendar and realizing that Santa Clause comes tonight.

Love, Tamber

Lights at Temple Square

Last night we went to see the lights on Temple Square. I love going every year to see the Nativity scenes, watch the Luke II move and see all the beautiful colors. The only problem was that it was freezing cold, and I was not prepared. These are pictures of the kids enjoying spending time together.

Love, Tamber


Girls Lunch!

We had a long time overdue ladies lunch today. Slowly but surley my neighborhood friends are moving away. It is sad. This is the first place since I was in High School that I really felt like I fit in with a group of ladies. We have had some defining moments as a group and each as individuals. We have been there to cry, mourn and laugh together. I dont think that I would have made it through the past couple of years had it not been for these ladies. I feel like I am a stronger person because of them. As we all slowly move on in our lives and progress further away from that young married 'husband in school' life, I will always remember these amazing Women. Thank you ladies for taking the time to be wonderful friends. I think that we should all keep in touch and in 5 or 10 years when we all have money, we should have an annual ladies weekend. We should meet somewhere different each year to reminise about old times. How does that sound?
Love, Tamber


My poor brother

In the picture below, the little boy in the hat is my little brother Tevin. He is such a fun kid. He loves playing with my kids and has such a fun personality. The pictures below are of my little brother Tevin (the same kid). The doctor thought that he had Scarlett fever (which my little sister has gotten before) and gave him antibiotics. Apparently they didn't work.
So he went to the doctor again, and found out that he has a Staff infection. I feel so bad for him. Right at Christmas time. What a tough kid. Good Luck Tevin. I hope you get better soon. I love you.

Love, Tamber


It looks like we have gotten about 5 inches of snow today. It had been a lot of fun. Emma and I went out and built a snowman. I have never built one before, so it took me a little while to figure out that you have to make 3 balls by starting with snowballs and rolling them around in the snow. Emma was so excited to then come inside and have hot coco and take a hot shower.

Love, Tamber



Here is a picture of Emma. Her teacher made each of the kids Rudolph for their Christmas party. I think she stamped her nose in some what permanent paint, so today at Church Emma will have a red nose. I couldn't get it off when she was in the bath. Oh well. I guess she does make a pretty cute Rudolph.


Friends Visit

Emma was so excited for Thursday. She got to have a lot of her friends over. Our old neighbors, the May's were in town, so we invited them and a couple of other neighbors over to let the kids play and watch The Polar Express. Here are a couple of pictures of the kids hanging out and watching the movie. I just have to say that we Miss having all of our friends close by like we use to. Emma does have fun seeing them once in a while.

Love, Tamber

Merry Christmas!!!

In order to try and save some time, money and paper, this year I am doing an electronic copy of our Christmas Cards. Hope you all don't mind. The card that I loved the most was the one above, mainly because of the picture of the kids. Happy Holiday's!!

The McAllister Family
Eclectic Reader
Christmas 2008

See the busy McAllister family run.
Run family, run!

See Eric go to work.
Work Eric, work.

Eric worked at NuSkin. Busy, Busy, Busy.
See Eric go to school.
Study Eric, Study.
Eric goes to Utah Valley University. Busy, Busy, Busy.
See Eric quit work to complete school faster.

Ya hoo, Eric!
Now see Eric take 23 credits. Busy, Busy, Busy.
See Eric go home.
Work Eric, work.
Eric loves watching the kids. Work, work, work.
He watches them every day while mommy goes to work.
Eric can work hard. Work, work, work.

See Eric have fun.
Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z ...

See Tamber go to work at the BYU pool.
Work Tamber, work.
She can do mom stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff.
She can do Church things. Things, things, things.
She can clean the house. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
See Tamber stay at home with Emma and Marcus. Fun, fun, fun.

See the McAllister’s go on a fun vacation this year.
See the other travelers say "Are they on THIS flight?!"
See the kids amaze the other passengers.

Quiet, Quiet, Quiet!

See the family finally make it to Puerto Rico with the BYU Swim Team.

The family went to the Ocean and had so much fun playing in the sand and waves.

Play family, play!

See Marcus sleep in his crib.
Sleep Marcus, sleep!
Marcus is 14 months old.
Marcus has slept through the night since the beginning of this year.
Go Marcus, go!
Marcus can melt a heart with his smile.

Smile, smile, smile.

Marcus has learned to walk and talk this year.

Walk Marcus, Walk. Talk Marcus, Talk.

See Emma and Marcus welcome their first cousin, Will.

Yah, cousins!

Cousin Will was born on April 23rd.

See Emma and Marcus love playing with cousin Will when he visits Utah.

Play, play, play.

See Emma start preschool.

See Emma make lots of new friends.

See Emma come home with lots of new questions.
Emma is so smart. Smart, smart, smart.
She likes to paint and color.
Emma can write her own name.
Write Emma, write!
Emma is learning so well. Learn, learn, learn.

See the McAllister children go.
Go children, go!
Marcus loves going to the park. Go, go, go!
Emma loves going to preschool. Go, go, go!.
See Emma and Marcus playing together.
See Marcus destroy anything in a minute.

See family go on another trip to California.
Sun, Sun, Sun.
The family stays in San Francisco. Fun, Fun, Fun.
While there, the family went to two baseball games. Fun, Fun, Fun!
Eric needs to go back to Utah for school.

See Tamber stay to spend more time with her family.

See the Emma and Marcus love going to the Jelly Belly Factory with Grandma Terre.

See Tamber drive 12 hours back to Utah with two children.

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.

See Emma and Tamber go on another trip to Lake Powell for the weekend.

See Emma fall asleep in the boat.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Emma loves spending time with her uncle Tevin, aunt Tashly, aunt Tawni, grandpa Tim and grandma Misty.

She Tamber jump off of a 30 foot cliff.

Fall, fall, fall.

See the McAllister’s love watching moments in history that happened this year with the Olympics and our Presidential election.

See the McAllister family have a fun and eventful year.

Fun, fun, fun.

See the McAllister family continue to grow and love each other more each year.

Love, love, love.

See the McAllister family have a Merry Christmas.
They can wish their friends and family a Merry Christmas too.

And they do!

Eric, Tamber, Emma and Marcus McAllister

Good Luck Cougars!

The kids and I decided not to go down to the bowl game today. Eric and his friend Rob left an hour ago. I just wanted to wish the Cougars Luck. The last 3 years that we have gone to the bowl game, it has been a blast. Hopefully next year we will be going to a BCS Bowl. That would be awesome, cause you know that we wouldn't miss it.
Love, Tamber



We took Emma to the Mall today to go tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She told him she wanted a Computer with a computer mouse. The sad thing is, I don't think she is getting that. We kinda got her presents before she started asking for that. Oh well. I wish Santa was looking at the Camera on this one. Oh, and Marcus wouldn't even give Santa a chance. He screamed as soon as I leaned to put him on Santa's lap. Oh well.
Love, Tamber

Snow Snow Snow

Marcus knocking on Jaden and Mea's door to see if they could come play in the snow.

Emma making her very first snow angel.

Emma running in the snow.

Marcus kept tripping over his big boots and falling face first into the snow. He was so mad.

Emma and I were both quite disappointing when on Saturday and Sunday it was suppose to snow, and it didn't really. So it was a good surprise this morning when we didnt expect the snow and looked outside and it had snow quite a bit. Emma wanted to go play in the snow, so we did. She had a blast making snow angels, snow balls and using colored water to write her name and play tic-tac-toe.

Love, Tamber

Crazy Climber

Look at the mischievous smile. I am sure that you think that I am just being facetious because he is a boy...no....I have seen nothing like him. In fact, I dread going to peoples houses that are not child proofed. It is just a workout for me. He climbs everywhere. He knows how to distract you too. He will do something that he shouldn't be doing (like climb on a book shelf or something) and then when you go to get him, he will go to the only chair down in the house, because you were sitting on it (yes, we continually keep all of our chairs on top of our table) and then he will push it to where he wants to climb. And If you are not fast enough, he will get on top of the counter where we keep our computer, or on top of the oven to play with the buttons, etc. He even knows that he can push our recliner from the living room into the dining room to pull the chairs off the table so that he can use them to get somewhere else. I know, scary right. Anyways, the picture below is our new contraption to keep him out of the oven. Yesterday he opened the oven at least 17 times to climb inside. When I got home from work, this is what Eric had fixed up:

Love, Tamber