Temple Square Tradition

Each year we visit Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.

I look forward to it each year. It is truly a magnificent site.

Emma and Marcus each enjoyed it for different reasons.

Emma loved the life sized nativity scene and wanted to watch the entire Christmas Story. Unfortunately the 13 degree weather encouraged us to force Emma to move on and get warm in the tabernacle.

Marcus liked the Luke 2 movie that we watched at the Visitors Center (ie...being warm).

Love, Tamber


Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving. I love cooking, and hanging out with family. We celebrated with my little family at our little condo. I really wish that we had a larger family...one of my favorite things/memories of Thanksgiving is having tons of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc around to celebrate and remember our many blessings. For me it isn't as much about the food, but I love what Thanksgiving is about...I love remembering my blessings because it makes me feel so happy inside.

Here is a picture run down of things that we did on Thanksgiving.

We tried a new Apple Pie (YUUUUMM!)

did I mention it had a pecan brown sugar crumble on top?!?...

Emma and Marcus played lots of dress up while the football game was on.

And Emma and Marcus helped me roll the rolls for dinner. They were great helpers.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!

I have to start my post with an apology.

When I made my Christmas Cards, I ordered 20. Come to find out, I probably should have ordered 30-40. I did not have enough to send to all of the people that I wanted.

Trying to keep on budget I am not going to order anymore, so hopefully those of you who didn't receive one will accept my apology and enjoy what you can of it here on the blog.

This is what it looks like:


Now, since you probably can't read that small print inside the card, here is the text that was included:

Top 10 Things we are thankful for after 2010:

10.) Being an American. It may not be a perfect country with perfect leaders, but we sure are grateful for the freedom that we have to worship the way that we choose.

9.) Jobs. Not only are Eric and I both blessed to have jobs in this economy, but we both have jobs that we enjoy. Eric put it best when he said…’It is nice to have a job where it doesn’t matter if it is Monday or Friday.’

8.) Amazing Teachers. As our children get older, we are so thankful for all for all of the amazing teachers that our children know and learn from. Especially those who teach our children at church, they are heroes in our home.

7.) Good Health. Knock on Wood. After a scare with Marcus this year and a long visit to Primary Children’s Hospital, we are grateful for healthy bodies and amazing doctors.

6.) The Little Things. The success of a child’s prayer, comforting a child by making their ‘blanky flat’ at bed time, the blowing of kisses from Emma on her first day of school. Each of us have little things to appreciate this year.

5.) Family History. We have learned about so many of our ancestors stories this year and the examples that they have set. Eric and I are excited to take our first family names to the temple.

4.) The hard times. Because they've made us stronger and wiser, and the good times even better.

3.) Memories. From a trip to Sea World with the kids to the first alone trip for Tamber and Eric. There are so many wonderful memories that our family will cherish from 2010.

2.) Being able to laugh. Eric and I find ourselves laughing over the little things that our children do, whether it be Marcus trying out new phrases, scaling the fridge or Emma learning to pronounce new words or talking about her first ‘crush’. Our family loves to laugh and make each other laugh.

1.) All of You! This year would not have been so cherished without your influence in our family member’s lives. We have so many amazing family and friends that we could not have lived without in 2010. Thank You for everything you have done for us.



Fabulous Football in November

We had a great time with the family at the BYU Football game today.

By feeling the temperature outside I would not have guessed that it was November.

It was almost 'hot'.

Here are some pictures...
The kids eating a quick snack.

Emma showing off the sign that she made. It says 'Go BYU' in case you can't tell.

The family before the game.

Emma waiting for the players to run out. She wanted to give them high fives.



Wedding Photos

A week ago I had someone in our Ward ask if I could bring a wedding picture to church for their lesson.



I don't even have one framed picture of Eric and I on our wedding day.

The biggest reason is that we paid a photographer and all we paid for was a copy of each photo that he took, but in 4 x 6 size. Other than that, we didn't get any other pictures.

I have tried to locate the photographer that we used, and he is no where to be found.

So finally I decided to take our 4x6 pictures and scan them.


when I scanned them they came up with smudges all over them, so I knew that when I printed a larger copy that they would not turn out very clear.

Finally I was able to use Picassa to get rid of the smudges. It took a lot of time, but will be worth if to have a picture of Eric and I in front of the Temple for our children to see.

Here is one of the edited photos that I ordered.

I am very happy with the way that they turned out.

Hopefully from now on it won't be such a chore to find a wedding picture!



First BYU Basketball Game of the Year

We enjoyed going to the cougar tip off last week.

BYU Basketball Games are definitely a family favorite. We love going to them.

If you are ever wondering why there are never pictures of me on the blog, it is because most of them turn out like this...with my eyes closed. I must blink a lot.

Emma in her Crazy hair with Eric and the game.

Marcus enjoying some candy during the game.



First Snow

Our 'first snow' came last Tuesday.

When I went to wake Emma up for school that morning I said...'Emma time to wake up, you need to get dressed warm for school today...there is snow all over the ground'.
Marcus popped up, made his bed, got dressed, and ran to the door asking to go out and play.
In the meantime, Emma rolled over and kept sleeping. You would think that girl is already a teenager the way she sleeps and avoids being woken up every single day.


Class Party

I love helping in Emma's Kindergarten Class. The kids are so funny. Here are some pictures from the other day when we did a Halloween Party.