Guess Who

I know that I havent posted in a while....We have been busy with stuff around here, probably just not with stuff you all are interested in.

So, I am going to play a game of Guess Who with you.

There are many moments in my dad where I stop what I am doing and think...."it is WAYYYY to quiet. What are the kids doing" , soooo...Guess who I found..

Yup....it was Marcus.

And he was hanging from the sink doing this....

Cleaning the dishes...yup. It was actually a nice surprise considering some of the things that I find him doing like this....

Ya...I know. You are thinking...How cute. He is naked and reading books. Ya, that is what I thought at first too...that is why I took the picture.

That is what the camera sees....but what you don't see is that he took his diaper off and made a HUGE (did I say HUGE) mess. I will spare you all the details.

Needless to say, now we are potty training after multiple times of finding the diaper off. He is suprisingly doing well.

Okay, onto the next project that has
been going on in out house.

Guess who made this cake?

Yup...Yours truly. It was a really fun project that I didnt have nearly as much time to work on or else it would have been a little less lop sided, but what does a 3 year old care about that. This was for one of my neighbors.

Okay, now guess what was the most anticipated event of the year thus far (well, maybe not that extreme, but it was a very anticipated event).

Can you guess what it was?

Okay, maybe you didnt guess that one, but both of my kids are huge fans of Cosmo, and when they found out that Cosmo-clause would be at my work Christmas Party they about had a tissy fit. Anyways, that is what we have been up to lately. What have you been up to this lovely holiday season?

Seasons Greetings...
Love, Tamber

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