Sunday we celebrated the big 3 - 0 for Eric. When you ask him how it feels being that age he says 'the same as 27-29'.

The week before his birthday he said...'now don't you go planning anything sneeky around here'. The sad thing is that he made me smirk and I felt bad because I hadn't planned anything for his birthday. All of his friends are turning 30 this year as well and it seems their wives have all planned parties for them. At this state in pregnancy I knew I wouldn't have the energy to do something like that. So last minute I invited some family members over for Sunday dinner and cake. And of coarse I didn't get any pictures, but it was the perfect celebration. Not to much work and still lots of fun.

(this is the most recent picture of him that I could find)

Eric is an amazing husband and this is one reason why...
he picks up the slack when I am out of commission. I didn't feel well last night. My body was sore and I wasn't feeling well. So not only did he get dinner on his way home, but at the most hectic time of night he told me to go to bed. I ended up getting in a warm shower while he put the kiddos in bed and somehow he did it all without any whining on their part. After I got in bed he checked on me multiple times and waited on me when I needed something. I couldn't be more grateful for a husband who is so helpful and loving.

So, here is my celebration to a wonderful husband and friend!

Love, Tamber

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Amy said...

I'm so glad he's taking care of you when you need it. Yay Eric!! Love/am jealous of all he San Diego fun you guys had.