We have had a couple week of relaxing here at our house. Recovery is taking a little longer than planned. Emma and Marcus are really enjoying their new little sister. We have spent lots of hours cuddling up on the couch. When we are not fighting over the space (since we now have a hard time all fitting comfortably on the couch) we spend our time staring at our new perfect addition.

Here are some pictures of the McAllister trio.

Love, Tamber


Cort said...

Thanks for the comment! It's been so long that sometimes I wonder if people even remember who we are, let alone miss us. I wish we were closer so we could help each other out, but it's been pretty clear to us that the Lord wants us in the east for a while longer. In spite of our best attempts to find a job in the west, the only companies that are contacting us are in the east. Ok Heavenly Father, I get the picture:)

If we lived closer I'd bring you a chocolate cake right now!

Cort said...

And that was obviously from Amy.