Christmas Pictures.


On Saturday I decided I needed to get my Christmas Cards done, so I got the kids dressed and took some pictures. Here are some that we didnt use for our cards, I will save those ones for later. If you want a Christmas Card, leave your address with me so that I can get one to you.

Love, Tamber


Alan & Ashleigh Fagergren said...

So cute! Will you please tell me how to add a cool background on my blog? I'm so inexperienced.

Brooke said...

So cute! I want a Christmas card!

Amy said...

Very cute. I love the new blog layout, so festive.

Erin said...

I love the one where Marcus is smiling, he looks just like Eric! So cute! Definitely send us a card if you can, we always like to put our friends and family on our tree.

Homer and Queen said...

Great photos! It was good to see you at the game, Tell Emma thanks for hanging out with me!