Flashback Family Friday

I havent done a flashback friday in a while, but during the valentine season, I thought that I would put this one up. I love this picture of Eric's Grandpa and Grandma taken in 1981. I never had the chance to meet Lloyd or Helene, but from what I hear, it is a great goal to aspire to have a relationship like they had and to be such incredible people as they were.

Love, Tamber


Nicole Pimm said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That picture just brought me to tears! I am copying you on the flashback friday idea, and I was looking this morning for a good one, YOURS IS BETTER! I love this picture!

Brooke said...

Thanks for posting this picture. They were such an amazing couple, you were right. I always tell Dustin that I hope we can be as happy as they were together. Dustin did get to meet my Grandma, but not Grandpa. Dustin has a lot of Grandpas qualities. Maybe that is why I love him so much.
I might have to get a copy of this picture from you. I don't think I have this one.