My Current Bucket List

Go to Canada
Go to Mexico
Go on a Cruise (for 5 days or more)
Go back to Puerto Rico
Go to Hawaii
Go to Europe (especially Greece and Italy)
Take a Helicopter Ride
Go to Washington DC
Go to Niagra Falls
Go visit all the Church History Sites with my Family
Complete at least a half Marathon (if knees do okay, then do a full Marathon)
Go to the Grand Canyon
Visit as many LDS Temples as possible
Go White Water Rafting in Southern Utah
Go to New Orleans, especially Bourbon Street
Go to New York City and see Phantom of the Opera
Laugh until I cry many more times
Go Sledding in the snow
Get kissed under mistletoe
Hike Mt. Timp
Go Snowboarding
Drive across the United States
Take a ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Go Snowmobiling (planned for Christmas 09)
Visist Australia and New Zealand
Go to ground zero
Share the Gospel with someone who gets baptized
Swim with Dolphins
Watch Wales in the Ocean
Take my kids off to College
Attend the Summer Olympic Games
Have at least 4 cihldren
Read each of the 5 books of Scriptures all the way through (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, The New Testament and the Old Testament)
Complete the Temple work for a deceased family member
Feel good about my body image again
Win 'The Best Halloween Costume' prize at a Halloween Party
Own a home with a large backyard
Go on a mission
Change someone's life
Own and sleep on a brand new mattress
Go to Yosemite with my family
Go to Yellow Stone with my family
Kiss my husband underneath a waterfall

I know that this is not everything, but for now this is all I can think of. What does your bucket list look like?

Love, Tamber


Meredith said...

come snowboarding with me! then you can knock that one off your list.

Tamber said...

We should go sometime. That would be fun.

Heidi McMillan said...

I am inspired to travel. Emma is getting soo big! CRAZY! Looks like everything is going great. Someday I will make it to Provo again and hopefully see you guys.

Becky said...

Fun list! I hope you get to do each and every one of those things.