Happy 4th Birthday Emma

We took Emma to the store on Monday to pick out a bike, and this is the one she chose. She loves it. Then the next morning, Tuesday , we opened presents while eating breakfast. When she was done opening them she said...'where are the rest of my toys?' I guess she expected a bunch of toys other than the bike, but all we got her was the bike, 2 DVD's, a book and some goggles to swim with. Oh well, I guess that is how a 4 year old thinks. Here are some pictures of her on the bike.

My little baby girl isn't so little anymore. It feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with Emma. Time flies so quickly. June 23rd she turned 4 years old. Emma is such a fun little girl. Some of my favorite things about her are...

-Every time she goes from the house to the car or from the car to the house it is a race between her and her dad. They have so much fun doing this. How every time she goes to the car with her dad it is a race.
-She loves to give her daddy hugs. She is definitely a daddy's girl.
-How every time she eats anything it is a race.
-Her smile can melt a heart.
-Emma loves to play with her little brother. They can play for hours together. They laugh their heads off. I love to see that they are truly best friends. I know that I have to cherish it now because soon enough she will be too good for him.
-How she tells on herself when she lies.
-She loves her friends. She always talks about them and looks up to them very much. Hopefully she can always keep good friends in her life.
-She loves to pray. I always see her praying in public, in private and even teaching her little brother how to pray. What a special memory.
-Emma loves Hannah Montana. She is always singing her songs and dancing like her.
-She loves to Sing. It is probably her favorite thing to do...she sings while she play's, she sings while she is getting dressed, she sings while she is falling asleep, she sings to her brother, she sings when she is in the car. She makes up songs about whatever she is doing or sings different words to songs she loves.
-Recently Emma has created an imaginary friend. Her name is Maudree (I think like audree). She always tells me about things that Maudree says to her and conversations they have. She plays with Maudree, she bathes with Maudree and she sleeps with Maudree.
-Emma loves al of her grandparents. She loves visiting them or talking to them on the phone. All of her grandparents are an important part of her life.

Love, Tamber

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