Gone for now.

My little brother Trace went into the MTC today. I just got back from dropping him off. I didn't like the way we had to part, but at least I got to give him a hug bye. Because of swine flu, they don't let you go inside with them, so we thought...we would just park across the street and walk over and say bye. Well, they werent letting anyone walk in to say bye becasue of swine flu and he had already checked in, so he couldnt walk out of the parking lot. Luckily the old guy working the gate felt bad and walked us over to give him a hug and take a quick picture. We didnt get as many pics as we had hoped, but here are the ones we got. If you want to follow Trace's mission you can do so at his blog.

Love, Tamber

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Erin said...

At least you were able to see him at the gate before he left. He'll be a great missionary, you must be one proud sister!