Crazy Friday

Friday was a crazy day. I had to work in the morning and then rush home becasue I was watching my neighbors kids. She was in the hospital with their baby who was sick. Then on the way home I had to call 911 because I saw a car hit a biker. That was a first. I was a little panicked...next time I hope I can stay a little more calm. Then I got home and had to rush one of my neighbors kids to school. On the way to the school he told me he didnt eat yet, so I gave him a granola bar. Then I rushed home to watch the kids.

When I got home I had hives all over. I think I am literally allergic to the cold since I only get them when I was cold outside. So I wanted to get into the shower real quick to help get rid of the hives since that is the only thing that works quickly. So I put a movie on for the kids and then jumped in the shower. Mid shower I hear Emma saying "Mom, Marcus and Mea got into the eggs". So I start rushing to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I come out in my towel and see this.....Oh, and these were not the only ones. This was 2 out of the 9 that they smashed on the ground. I cleaned up the mess and then finally was able to take a breath. What a crazy morning that was. I hope that doesnt happen again for a while.

To solve Marcus' issue with getting into the fridge often, I didnt know what to do. He has gotten into the eggs multiple times lately. I was complaining to Eric about How I had moved them to the back of the fridge, covered them and he always seems to get them out. Eric says "why dont you put them in the bottom drawer?" Duh Tamber...simple solution. I dont know why I didnt think of it. Out bottom drawer is hard to get open. Problem solved.

Love, Tamber

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