Family Night

We went to Temple Square with our family recently for Family Home Evening. It was a quick trip, but fun to see my dad, misty and my brother Trace for a little bit. Excuse Emma's grumpy face. She wasnt feeling very good that night...poor thing.

Love, Tamber

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laura said...

hi, tamber!

so, about the thrifting. i pretty much go to the same d.i. (the one in west jordan) everytime. as far as tricks go... i really don't have any. i usually go on tuesdays and thursdays, but that's just because miss has preschool so it's one less body to deal with :)

i went to the salvation army in west valley for the first time last week. it had some good stuff, but i'd definitely prefer the d.i. over them! the main thing is to just be patient and keep going. there's tons of times that i'll go without finding a thing. good luck :)