A big commitment

Most of you who know me well, know that when I commit to do something, I will follow through and do it. So, one day this past month I was feeling very ambitious and needed something to help push me to my next weight loss goal. I signed up for my first half marathon.

Wait...what did I do?

That is exactly what I kept thinking right after I officially did it.

I am not really a runner, but I always love to find a new way to push my body farther that I even think possible.

So, on June 12th I will be running my first half. The map above is the race route. I am starting to get really excited. I even added a countdown on the right hand side of my blog so that I can keep it real and remember what I did to myself.

Until my next update,
Cheers to running


Cort and Amy said...

If I can do a half marathon without training, anyone can. Your body can triple the miles you normally run, as long as you can mentally do it (if that makes sense). I had only run 5 miles at one time before I ran a half marathon, but because I was running with so many people, it was easy to keep going and finish. But I couldn't stop eating for 3 days after and lost a toe nail:(

Lisa said...

Go Tamber!!! I love that you are not a person that just talks about doing things (like me), but that you actually accomplish all these amazing goals.

Becky said...

Wahoo! That is great. I wish I could commit to something like that. Unfortunately I don't think that would be a good thing right now;)

I am excited for you and to hear your progress reports.


Nikki said...

Tamber you are awesome! Congratulations on your goals and your achievements! I love halfs and I think you will too. Way to go!