July 4th (kind of) Camping Tradition

A couple of years ago we started a tradition of going camping on the 4th of July. This year we went on the night of the 2nd. After driving the entire Alpine Loop looking an empty camping site, I decided to just go back to the same camp site we had two years ago. We went to Hope Campground up Provo Canyon. It is just of Squaw Peak Road which means it is only about 20-30 minutes from our house.

Not only do we enjoy the camping aspect of this tradition, but the fact that we get to enjoy time with our friends the Koellikers makes it an even better time. In my opinion the best part about camping is staying up late laughing around the campfire. Especially when Eric makes Rob laugh while Rob is eating a roasted Marshmallow...haha.

Rob and Erin...Thank You for the good times, Let's do it again next year.



Becky said...

I love camping. We haven't gone in years (before Preston was born) but we recently got a bigger tent that I am dying to try out. Your post makes me want to go even more!

Cort and Amy said...

I miss Rob and Erin. Camping (or doing anything with them) would be so fun.