Halloween Festivities

Saturday we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. It was pouring rain, so we all ended up in the Gym while all the children circled around with multiple visits to each person handing out the candy. The kids had a lot of fun seeing all the different costumes.

This is Marcus wearing Grandpa Tim's crazy hair wig on Friday night when we went to hear tubophonic play at a private Halloween party.

On Thursday Night our Friend Christina took us to her friends house where they have a haunted train. When it is light outside it is very mild and not too scary. Thank goodness we got in right before the sun went down cause the kids would have been freaked out by the scariness.

This was taken before we got on the train in front of a bunch of Jack-o-lanterns that they had carved. They were very amazing and very intricate.


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Tara said...

We where going to do Toy story too before Reese got all obsessed with care bears! too cute! And you look soo GOOD!!