When Mary learned of her divine calling to bear the Son of God, undoubtedly a flood of issues and concerns raced through her mind. But the Angel said to her...

“Fear not. … For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:30, 37).

There are times when I worry about the world the my children are growing up in. I worry what they will turn out to be like, if I am doing enough to raise strong and righteous children, if they will be good friends to everyone around them, etc.

I know that I am not doing everything that I could be doing, but hope that what I am doing or teaching them is enough.

There are times when my heart is settled by the sweet actions of my children and I am comforted that everything will be okay. Yesterday was one of them. Last month Eric came up with the great idea of having a family testimony meeting on the FHE after Fast Sunday. Emma enjoyed bearing her testimony to her family. I did not think that she would be brave enough to do it in front of an entire congregation.

She proved me wrong.

All of a sudden I see her leaving our isle and walking up to the front in a reverent manner folding her arms. My eyes immediately filled with tears in happiness, joy, and satisfaction. She didn't have any coercing or even encouragement really. Eric told me later that she had said 'Maybe I should go up there' and all Eric said was 'If you want to, it is your choice.' So she did.

She said 'Hi, my name is Emma, and I came up here to bear my testimony. I know the Church is true and I know the Temple is true. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.'

I am so thankful for the experiences that comfort my parenting efforts. Sometimes certain experiences like this one help lessen my fears and remind me that with God nothing is impossible.


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