Who laughs this way.."Ho,Ho,Ho"

We finally bit the bullet, stood in the line (outside...really, who has their Santa outside in Utah) and went to see the man from up north.

While in line Emma said..."Santa isn't real".

I was shocked...I didn't think I would hear that until 3-4th grade at least!

I think I BELIEVED until I was in 5th or 6th grade.

Luckily she said, "some of them dress up."

So for now, he is the magic of the season and the kids told him what they wanted this year for Christmas.

Emma: " I want a pretend pony". (ie..a small horse toy)
Santa: "Oh yes...pretend pony's are better than real ones. You should see what the real one's do to my grass."

Marcus: "I want a blue car track."

Love, Tamber

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