Still here.

Yes I am still here, baby inside.

My feelings on it all: I wish that something was happening from the discomfort, pain and sleepless nights that I have been experiencing. More than anything it has all taken an emotional toll on me.

It seems that everyone around me has their own opinions on the experience which is why I have been trying to avoid any conversation about it all. The worst is when someone says, 'so, no baby yet?', or 'so much for the bed rest, she wasn't coming out anyway.'

I don't like to depend on other people...that is just my personality. I like to do things for myself and know that I am in control. When I was put on bed rest it made me feel like I owe something to all of those people who helped me out.

So, if you don't hear from me in the next week, if I don't answer your call, return your text or email, don't take it personally.

Hopefully soon we will have good news to share and I can put this whole experience in the books and adjust to a new form of sleepless nights :)


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Lisa said...

Sometimes quiet it is a good thing--the best thing--when life is uncertain and big at the same time. We all love you.