The Birth.

All throughout my pregnancy with Lilly, I knew she had a mind of her own.

After going into the delivery room 5 times before actually being admitted I stopped telling people when we were going in. I told Eric that we could tell everyone once I got admitted and we knew that I was having the baby.

Monday the 21st I started having very strong contractions at about 5 or 6 pm. We called my dad because I knew that this was it. We arrived at the hospital at about 8:30. I was only 4 cm, the same as the week before. I immediately started crying because I didn't want to get sent home again. They checked me for the next 2 hours and didn't progress at all even though my contractions continued to get stronger.

So, they gave me a morphine and phenergren shot and sent me home around 10:45. We got home right before 11. When I got home my dad started timing my contractions. They were every 3 minutes and lasted about minute long. I decided to get into the shower to try and ease the pain.

When I sat down I immediately had a very strong contraction where I yelled for Eric. I asked him to call the hospital and ask how long we should wait to come back in if they contractions were getting stronger. They told us to come back in. When Eric came in to tell me that I had a contraction where I felt like I had to push....I knew we had to hurry.

We got into the car and Eric was happy that he got to run his 3 red lights while I was yelling for him to hurry.
When we got to the hospital Eric parked partially on the sidewalk and I started another contraction as I walked into the doors. The security guard brought a wheel over. He told me to sit down. I immediately snapped 'i have to wait until this is one is done.' Eric calmly told him that I couldn't move positions while contracting and that I would sit down when this one finished.

Once I sat they wheeled me as fast as possible upstairs. We got there at about 12:30pm. When I saw the nurse I yelled I have to push! She got us into the triage room when I was stripped down, 3 nurses came running in to help and I was immediately checked. The first nurse said...your only a 6?!?!? What. I thought, if I am a 6, then there is no way that I will survive this delivery. The other nurse checked me to make sure and she said ' your complete....uh....I think I just got kicked.'

She ordered one of the other ladies to hurry and grab the ultrasound machine.
She brought it in and they discovered that Lilly was breeched (feet first). They called the doctors immediately and said that we were doing an emergency C-section. They said the anesthesiologist was on his way.

He came in and did the epidural. Eric and my dad gave me a blessing (which calmed me down) and within minutes we were in the OR. I didn't have time to process anything, it all happened so fast. All I could think about was that I lasted to being dilated to a 10 and didn't have the chance to deliver naturally...I was being forced into a different option.
Eric was amazing...keeping me calm, telling me that I could do it when I was screaming that I couldn't, thinking of giving me a blessing, and so many other things that I am sure that had to happen in order for it all to go so smoothly.

The next thing I knew we were in the operating room and Eric was watching our little girl get cut out of me. She was officially born at 1:36am. Eric explained things as they happened. When they lifted her over the curtain so that I could see her I began to cry...I couldn't believe that I made it through the whole experience. Eric followed the nurse and went with Lilly as they stitched me up. I slept through the remainder of the surgery.

Since then things have been a lot more calm. I thought it was funny that while I was recovering the nurse came in and asked me to sign a consent for a C-sec...I guess they didn't have time to have me sign that before.

I guess she wanted to make a grand entrance so that we would all remember the day she arrived.

Love, Tamber


Anonymous said...

WOW! That is quite a story! Such a cute pic at the end too :-) Congrats again, hope you're getting some rest and occasional showers!

Lacey said...

Wow, you are a champ! I am so glad that everything turned out ok. Seriously you are amazing! I LOVE her name by the way, so cute!

Leilani Marie Roberts said...

Wow, what an experience! I'm glad you're doing okay, along with baby! Take care of yourself and eat lots of chocolates! Luvs

2setsof2winners said...

I would've LovEd to see you snappy! I'm sorry about the pain but to see you testy would be once in a lifetime!!! Haha! I'm so happy for you!!! I love you and your family so much!!! Welcome Lilly May!!!

Sharron said...

Sorry you had to endure so much pain but what a beautiful reward. Congrats to you both. It's so wonderful you have a loving husband and dad by your side.