Discovery Museum

On Friday, my dad and Misty took my family and Tevin and Shannon to the discovery museum in Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun. I even enjoyed it.

Eric and the kids inside the real sized helicopter

Eric and Emma built a pretty cool house out of Lego's

Here is Emma running the crane, Tevin loading the blocks and Shannon up high unloading the blocks.Here is Marcus playing peek-a-boo in the treehouse window.
Here is Emma in the fireman coat.

Marcus and Grandpa Tim playing in the water pond.

Emma and her uncle Tevin playing in the water pond.

Marcus climbing on the rock wall. He got almost all the way to the top by himself. You can see how high up he is, my dad is 6'1" and his head level is at Marcus' legs. It was hilarious. Marcus wouldnt let go, he loved it.
Here is Marcus on the pretend horse...he didnt like that one.

Marcus having a blast putting balls through all the tubs.


The May's said...

I can't believe Marcus! He is so big, and crazy, just like Alex!!

Amy said...

That place is fun, as long as you go whe nit's not crazy busy with children. I love the Easter fort idea so creative.

Brooke said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I may have to take my kids there someday. They would love it!