Hanging Out

This week has been pretty uneventful. These are some pictures of the kids hanging out at home. I think the day that I took these pictures we may have even stayed in our pajamas all day. I have been wanting a day with nothing on the calendar for a while, and I finally got it, and that is what I did with it...oh well.

Emma had to have a crown put on one of her teeth this week. Apparently her Enamel is horrible. They planned on just doing a filling, and when they went in they decided that it wasnt enough. In the pic below, she is trying to show you her ghetto silver crown in the back of her mouth. The stroller that she is carrying is the toy she got for being so good at the dentist. I was really impressed with how well she did. She didnt even really cry.
The kids playing.
Emma showing her tooth again.

Love, Tamber

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fagergrenfam said...

What do you mean a ghetto smile. At least it is not a grill! Ha Ha Ha. She is adorable! I love pajama days!