Happy Easter...Traditions

Eric decided last night that he was going to start a new tradition. The tradition building an Easter Fort and 'camping out' with the kids on the night before Easter. We all helped build the fort and they slept in it all night. Emma had a blast. Of coarse Marcus isnt quite old enough yet for the fun, but probably next year he will be.

This is a picture of the fort from the outside.

Eric and Emma hanging out in the tent.

Emma giving the '#1' finger. You can see on the right hand side under the chairs that she loaded the place with toys and stuff in case they needed it when they slept. She even had an empty milk jug. She loved hanging out with dad.

Earlier in the night Emma and I dyed eggs and then glittered them.

Here is a picture of the Easter baskets after the Easter bunny came and before the kids got into them. I have told the Easter bunny not to go over board at our house. Last year we started a tradition of getting the kids a church or Easter book. I loved the idea and so we did it again this year. Besides that, they each got one small toy and some candy.

Happy Easter everyone!

Oh..one more story. Yesterday I was asking Emma if she remembered why we celebrate Easter. I told her about Christ being ressurected and that because he was resurected that we can be ressurected.
She replied 'I don't like resurrected'.
I said ' But if we are resurrected that means that we get to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus and our Families forever.'
She gasped and then said...'I love living with Jesus'.
I just about cried. I love teaching my children the lessons of life that truly are the most important. That makes all the hard times worth it.

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