Love is in the Air

Well, it is February again, and Love is in the Air. I dont normally get into Valentines Day, but there is something about my husband lately that has me thinking of doing something more than just stay at home and watch a romantic movie. We have truly developed a best friend relationship over the years, and I am amazed at how we continue to love each other more, more willingly sacrifice for the other, learn more about each other, etc.

One thing that I love is going on dates with my husband. We dont get to go out every week like we would love, but we try to get out a couple times a month. Last night we went to the BYU basketball game and then enjoyed a strawberry shake. It was nice to do something together that we use to do all the time before we had kids. Oh how I love me a good college basketball game.

I was browsing the web today and ran into a couple of places with great date ideas. I am always up for new ideas, so I figured I would share some links...hope you enjoy (especially with valentines day right around the corner).

Love Actually - If you click on the ideas tab, that is where you will find her date ideas.

52 Dates - This couple actually tried to do 52 Different dates in a year on a $60 budget, not $60/date, but for the entire year, so if you are looking for inexpensive ideas, check this out. (WARNING : some ideas are somewhat cheesy)

Love, Tamber

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Tara said...

Thanks for the links!! Love Actually site has A LOT of great ideas! I love her themes! Tee hee!!!