I know I haven't posted a lot about our little family lately. It seems like not much has happened worthy of posting, but life has been happening.

We are trying to get our condo ready to sale, which take time. I have been patching holes, replacing faucets, touching up paint, cleaning (a lot) and boxing up stuff that we dont need. We are hoping to find a house in Orem that we can afford, but it all depends on what we get out of our condo, so wish us luck.

Last weekend we spent with my family. My grandmother's husband, Darrell passed away last week. My dad was able to come into town and spend time with his family. It was so good to see him.

Other than that, we have been busy doing a lot of little things...enjoying BYU's awesome basketball team this year, enjoying two nights a week at the stake center for Tamber and Eric's Ward games, working, changing our eating lifestyle (hopefully it can continue that long where it becomes a lifestyle change), and of coarse keeping up with our kids.

So, it may not seem like a lot has happened lately, but we have been very busy enjoying out wonderful life.

Love, Tamber

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Becky said...

I do miss your posts but I know life is busy. Good luck with the house hunting/selling.
Love you.