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As most young couples do, we have been dreaming about having a larger home. As of today I really wished that we had already sold our Condo. Not that we really have immediate plans to, but in the near future (Hopefully this spring or summer) we would like to sale our Condo so that we can find a house that would better accommodate our family.

Part of the dreaming I do is looking on different blogs and bookmarking ideas that I want to remember when we have a space to decorate (and the money). Today I got an email from a relator who sent me a property in Pleasant Grove that was almost 3,000 sq. ft. and 130,000. There were lots of pictures and seemed like a place I could live and make my own. Too bad we werent ready to move now...haha.

Here are some of the things that make me smile in hopes that one day I get to do projects like these.

Homemade wall art that costs $20 to make.
It might cost you a little more than $20, but if you check DI, or a thrift store for the door mat first, you might just get lucky.

A Hanging Laundry air dryer.

A $60 knock-off Pottery Barn (originally $600) Storage Shelves for a playroom....Made by one of my new favorite blogs.

I love this room for a little girl. Simple, but sweet.

Love, Tamber


Gail B said...

I like your style tamber. thats cute stuff

LaPierre Family said...

Ok I totally love that womans site! Jeremy has way to many projects now when we get a house!! Thank for the ideas!