Flashback Friday....High School Graduation

Here are a couple of High School graduation pictures. I remember that being such a fun time in my life.
I laugh at this picture when I see it now. I remember having a crush on all of these guys at least once in high school. If any of you are BYU fans, the 4th one from the left (with sunglasses) is Zac Collie, and the one on the very left is Tyler Ecker who was drafted into the NFL after playing at Michigan.
This picture was taken at my high school graduation with my best friend Becky. Look at the blond hair. That was even natural at the time. I think from all the swimming and chlorine that it was naturally so light.
Love, Tamber


Brooke said...

Fun times! I wish life was as easy now as it was then. Although I wouldn't go back to high school for anything. I loved it, but girls are so mean!

Becky said...

That picture makes me laugh as well. We were silly girls! I miss you. When are you coming to California next?

So many blogs..too little time said...

I will do dinner WHENEVER! Lets plan it!