Turkey Trot

Yesterday morning our ward held a turkey trot. It was just a mile run, but family friendly. Eric and I started running together while pushing the kids. Soon into the race, Eric stopped (he had just played football for an hour and was exhausted), then about half way in, Emma really wanted to run like some of the other kids, so I stopped and got her out to run. She did really well. Emma and I were the last ones to finish the race and when we were coming close to the finish line and Emma heard everyone cheering for her, she started running really fast. It was so cute. She also got a really big smile on her face.
Love, Tamber


AMY said...

You're a good wife to make excuses for your Hubby not finishing the race!! LOL! I couldn't run a mile right now if my life depended on it.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Eric had chaffage and maybe could've done the mile had he not had it. Thank you.