Happy Thanksgiving

Things that I am most thankful for Today (in no particular order, because I couldn't arrange them the right way)...

My extended family, friends, and ancestors for being great examples to me. This is a picture of my Grandma (very right) my mom (very left) and her siblings. I am grateful that I have all the wonderful extended family that I have and all of the friends that I have. I dont know where I would be without them.

I am so thankful for our Temples and the knowledge that I have that since I was married in the temple that I have the opportunity to, if I live worthy, live with my family for eternity.
I am thankful for the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that they are inspired by God and that the Church continues on this earth today because of their great leadership.

My children. I love them so much. They are the purest form of what Love means. They continually love you no matter what happens. They inspire me to be better.

And most importantly, my family. My husband is a great man and treats me amazingly. I love the time that we spend together and the things that we do for fun. I dont know now what I would do without my family. Thank you Eric for making such a wonderful life for us. I love you guys.

Love, Tamber


Josh said...

Well said, Tamber.

Josh said...

Oops...this is Amy, by the way. I forgot I was signed in as my brother!