Eventful Day

Yesterday I flew from Salt Lake to Sacramento via layover in Las Vegas. What an event it was. I thought that I would be writing that it was eventful because I was traveling with two kids and one of them acted up, but that was not the case. The kids were amazing on the plane rides. Marcus even slept one leg of the flight. When we stopped in Vegas we didnt have to get off the plane, but we did have to wait for more people to board to go to Sacramento. We boarded and actually pushed off early from the gate. We backed up and then started to taxi. Mid taxi we heard a loud boom and then the flight attendants seemed a little paniky. I looked to the back of the plane since we were in the front and the cabin was starting to fill with smoke. The pressure hurt my ears and even had the kids complaining. The flight attndant announced that there was smoke on the plane and that they would be going back to the gate. They got back to the gate in about 30 seconds. Two captains that were taking a ride as passengers went running to the back of the plane with fire extinguishers. They told us to grab our bags and de-board in an orderly manner. They kept saying....'please dont panic, please dont hurt anyone on your way out, there is no need to panic'. When we got off of the plane, we watched out the airport windows as 3 fire engines pulled up to the plane and unloaded its firefighters. Marcus was quite amused watching the caos.

It ended up taking them about an hour and a half to unload us, find a new plane and get us re loaded to go to Sacramento. They explained that we were finally headed to Sacramento and that we would all be rewarded with free drinks. Yah for me...haha. I was surrounded by a bunch of drunks by the time we actually arrived. All in all, I am just glad that my children and I arrived safely to see my family for the week.

Happy Flying!!

Love, Tamber


Hawkins Family said...

Oh my gosh! I would have freaked out. I hate flying as it is. I get so nervous. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten on the flight to Sacramento and made someone drive to pick me up to take me back home. Hope you guys are having a good time!

Jimmy, Diane and Bentley said...

What a story! And free drinks?? They should have given you a free ticket or something! That's hilarious! Glad you arrived safe and sound though, have fun!