BYU Football vs. Oklahoma

We had a blast watching the BYU Football game last night. Besides the amazing game, it was nice to have some good friends and good food.

Marcus and Emma laying on the grass during half time showing off their BYU shirts.

Eric and Rob....soaking wet. They decided with about 8 minutes left in the game that if BYU won the game that they would go jump in the pool, so they did.

Rob and Eric celebrating the BYU win.

Emma and Marcus playing during half time.
Erin and Marcus with Rob and Eric playing catch in the background.
Emma laying in the grass showing off her BYU shirt.

Marcus about to 'football tackle' me

Rob running away from Emma.

Eric throwing the football.

I love college football. After the game we all went to 'Marks' the gas station to get a drink and snack. On the way there the Eric started honking the horn a lot. When we got into provo, you could tell that people knew why he was honking. At one red light us and about 10 other cars sat there and honked the horn the entire time. Later we found out that there were several hundred fans at the BYU football stadium celebrating.

This is one to put in the memory books. Go Cougars!
Love, Tamber

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