boring day?...

Today the kids and I were bored, and I knew that if I hung around the house that I would get lazy and not want to do anything, so I took the kids out to find some free fun. I guess it wasn't completely free considering I spent $5 on Lionhouse rolls for me and the kids (all of which we devoured). We started by going to the BYU Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum (which is free). The kids loved to see all the animals. marcus loves zebras, so I went to take a picture of him with it and he wouldnt get close. I guess he thought it would attack him or something. Emma had to hold his hand. Then I tried to get a picture of both kids by the bears, and he wouldnt have it. He wouldnt even get close, so here is emma by herself.

Then we headed to the mall to set up an appointment to get the free pictrues take by kiddie kandids (which they dont do anymore) and play at the playground. The kids love this playground. While at the mall we stopped in at Deseret Book to get a snack and have some Lionhouse Rolls. Yummy! When those were quickly eaten, we headed to the car just in time for two toddler melt downs and nap time. Yah for our not so boring day.

Love, Tamber

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